Discover the Academy Film Archive’s Rich Treasures

The Academy Film Archive is home to one of the most extensive and diverse motion pictures collections in the world. It includes Academy Award® nominated films, the annual Oscar® telecasts, documentaries, silent movies, experimental films, film-industry related interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, home movies, a wide range of international cinema and much, much more.

Academy Awards Collection

A complete collection of every Academy Awards telecast since 1949. More

Saul Bass Collection

Consists of title sequences, logo designs, commercials, short films and television work by the legendary designer and filmmaker. More

Cecil B. DeMille Collection

Includes Mr. DeMille’s personal prints of almost all of the films he directed and produced. More

Charles Guggenheim Collection

Includes the only prints of most of Guggenheim’s films, as well as original negatives, outtakes and production materials. More

Jim Henson Collection

Contains the film work of Jim Henson (1936–1990) and the Jim Henson Company from Henson’s start in the 1950s through the company’s recent productions. More

Marshall Plan Collection

A relatively small but important collection of some of the best surviving representatives of unique postwar materials. More

Masters & Masterworks Collection

A group of films made by documentarian Robert Snyder. More

The National Council of American-Soviet Friendship Collection

Consists of over 700 titles focusing on Soviet life during the Cold War. More

National Film Society

Consists of videotaped interviews with industry professionals, film preservationists and scholars at the convention, as well as footage of various awards ceremonies More

Student Academy Awards Collection

To date, the Academy has honored more than 300 student films, and the Academy Film Archive has holdings on all but approximately two dozen of those works. More

War Film Collection

Includes descriptions of the enemy and the rationale for fighting the war, reports from the fronts, the home front and civilian defense, the participation of women and minorities in both the armed services and industrial production, and presentations of American institutions and ways of life. More

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