Joining The Academy


To qualify for membership, you must be a film artist or craftsperson working in one or more of the art form’s key creative areas.  And your work must represent an unusually high level of quality and distinction.

If you are a writer, producer, or director, you should have at least two screen credits on films that reflect the Academy’s highest standards. If you are an actor, you should have performed scripted roles in at least three such films.

Some branches (including Art Directors, Executives, Public Relations, Visual Effects and others) also expect new members to have worked in their fields for a certain number of years.

Of course, your contributions to the motion picture industry might fall outside the 16 branch areas. If so, you may be considered to join as a Member-At-Large or as an Associate Member. As either one, you will enjoy many of the privileges of membership.

Either way, while you may also be accomplished in other media, only your contributions to theatrical motion pictures will be considered.


Most candidates begin their journey to membership by finding current members to sponsor them. 

If you win the support of two or more sponsors in your (prospective) branch, your proposal will be taken up by the appropriate committees. If approved, it would then be given a final evaluation by the Board of Governors.

Also, you will automatically be considered for membership if you were nominated for an Academy Award for the previous year. (Or even better, if you won one.)


It doesn’t matter where you are.  The Academy is a global organization representing the best of an international art form.  As long as your theatrical film work is known widely enough for the appropriate membership committee to evaluate it, then you may soon be invited to join us—regardless of where in the world we would have to send your invitation.

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