The Oscar Show 2014: In Memorium

The members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are the organization's greatest asset, an assemblage of the finest artists and craftspersons of the art form.

On this page the Academy pays homage to those members who have passed away this year. Academy Awards and nominations are noted (a win is indicated by an asterisk) as well as service on the Academy's Board of Governors.

Marvin Antonowsky – Executives Branch

Lauren Bacall – Actors Branch
1996 (69th) Actress in a Supporting Role – “The Mirror Has Two Faces”
2009 (82nd) *Honorary Award

Bob Baker – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch

Mary Lea Bandy -- Associates

Harve Bennett – Producers Branch

Eric Bercovici – Writers Branch

Polly Bergen – Actors Branch

Harvey Bernhard – Producers Branch

Marion Billings – Public Relations Branch

Noel Black – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch

Louis C. Blau – Associates

Robert Blees – Writers Branch

Lynn Borden – Actors Branch

Leon S. Brachman – Executives Branch

Martin Bresin – Visual Effects Branch

Nadia Bronson – Public Relations Branch

Richard Bull – Actors Branch

John Cacavas – Music Branch

Sid Caesar – Actors Branch

L.M. Kit Carson – Writers Branch

Betty Chaplin – Members-at-Large

Stanley Chase – Producers Branch

Joel M. Cohen – Executives Branch

Booth Colman – Actors Branch

Gregory Coote – Executives Branch

Derek Coyte – Public Relations Branch

Joanna Crawford – Writers Branch

Eduardo Coutinho – Documentary Branch

Ruby Dee – Actors Branch

George Dickerson – Actors Branch

Robert Dorfman – Public Relations Branch

Joe Dorn – Sound Branch

Robert Drew – Documentary Branch

Richard Dysart – Actors Branch

Stuart Fink – Public Relations Branch

Ted Flicker – Writers Branch

Sally Forrest – Actors Branch

Ian Fraser – Music Branch
1970 (43rd) Music (Original Song Score) – "Scrooge"

Stan Freberg – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch

Mona Freeman – Actors Branch

Arthur Gardner – Producers Branch

James Garner – Actors Branch
1985 (58th) Actor in a Leading Role – “Murphy’s Romance”

Gary Gerlich – Members-at-Large

Stefan Gierasch – Actors Branch

Bernard M. Glasser – Producers Branch

Gerald Goffin – Music Branch
1975 (48th) Music (Original Song) – “Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)” from “Mahogany”

Anthony Goldschmidt – Members-at-Large

Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. – Producers Branch
Board of Governors, July 1986-July 1992, August 1999-July 2002
2003 (76th) Best Picture – “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World”

Walter E. Grauman – Directors Branch

Bob Hastings – Actors Branch

Jimmy Hayes – Actors Branch

Gordon Hessler – Associates

Leonard Hirshan – Associates

Philip Seymour Hoffman – Actors Branch
2005 (78th) *Actor in a Leading Role – "Capote"
2007 (80th) Actor in a Supporting Role – "Charlie Wilson's War"
2008 (81st) Actor in a Supporting Role – "Doubt"
2012 (85th) Actor in a Supporting Role – "The Master"

Roy B. Hollingsworth – Associates

Brian G. Hutton – Directors Branch

Martha Hyer – Actors Branch
1958 (31st) Actress in a Supporting Role – “Some Came Running”

James Jacks – Producers Branch

Jerry Jost – Sound Branch
1977 (50th) Sound – “The Turning Point”

Ralph Kamon – Executives Branch

Don Keefer – Actors Branch

Alan Landsburg – Documentary Branch
1971 (44th) Documentary (Feature) – “Alaska Wilderness Lake”

James S. LaRue – Sound Branch
1982 (55th) Sound – “Tron”

Daniel W. Lee – Members-at-Large
1971 (44th) *Special Visual Effects – "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"
1979 (52nd) Visual Effects – "The Black Hole"

Geoffrey Lewis – Actors Branch

Dennis Lipscomb – Actors Branch

John J. Lloyd – Designers Branch

Earl Madery – Sound Branch
1975 (48th) *Sound – “Jaws”

Carl K. Mahakian – Sound Branch

Nancy Malone – Actors Branch

Larry D. Mann – Actors Branch

Frank Marth – Actors Branch

Robert L. Mayer – Executives Branch
Board of Governors, August 1994-July 2003
1st Vice President, August 2001-July 2002
Vice President, August 2002-July 2003
2004 (77th) *Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award

Albert Maysles – Documentary Branch

Paul Mazursky – Directors Branch
Board of Governors, August 1997-July 2000, August 2006-July 2009, July-December 2011
1969 (42nd) Writing (Story and Screenplay based on material not previously published or produced) – “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”
1974 (47th) Writing (Original Screenplay) – “Harry and Tonto”
1978 (51st) Best Picture – “An Unmarried Woman”
1978 (51st) Writing (Screenplay written directly for the screen) – “An Unmarried Woman”
1989 (62nd) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “Enemies, A Love Story”

John McDonough -- Associates

Rod McKuen – Music Branch
1969 (42nd) Music (Song) – “Jean” from “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”
1970 (43rd) Music (Original Song Score) – “A Boy Named Charlie Brown”

Andrew V. McLaglen – Directors Branch

Richard F. McWhorter – Members-at-Large

James R. Miller – Executives Branch

Donald I. Mirisch – Executives Branch

Oswald M. Morris – Cinematographers Branch
1968 (41st) Cinematography – "Oliver!"
1971 (44th) *Cinematography – "Fiddler on the Roof"
1978 (51st) Cinematography – "The Wiz"

Jimmy Murakami – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch
1968 (41st) Short Subject (Cartoon) – "The Magic Pear Tree"

Rosemary Murphy – Actors Branch

Joseph Thomas Naar – Producers Branch

Ed Nelson – Actors Branch

George Nelson – Public Relations Branch

James Nelson – Sound Branch

Mike Nichols – Directors Branch
1966 (39th) Directing – "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
1967 (40th) *Directing – "The Graduate"
1983 (56th) Directing – "Silkwood"
1988 (61st) Directing – "Working Girl"
1993 (66th) Best Picture – "The Remains of the Day"

Leonard Nimoy – Actors Branch

Patricia Norris – Costume Designers Branch
1978 (51st) Costume Design – “Days of Heaven”
1980 (53rd) Costume Design – “The Elephant Man”
1982 (55th) Costume Design – “Victor/Victoria”
1984 (57th) Costume Design – “2010”
1988 (61st) Costume Design – “Sunset”
2013 (86th) Costume Design – “12 Years a Slave”

Miroslav Ondricek – Cinematographers Branch
1981 (54th) Cinematography – "Ragtime"
1984 (57th) Cinematography – "Amadeus"

Riz Ortolani – Music Branch
1963 (36th) Music (Song) - "More" from "Mondo Cane"
1970 (43rd) Music (Song) - "Till Love Touches Your Life"" from "Madron"

Elizabeth Peña – Actors Branch

Walt Peregoy – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch

S. Lee Pogostin – Writers Branch

Harold Ramis – Directors Branch

James Rebhorn – Actors Branch

Sanford E. Reisenbach – Public Relations Branch

Frank Richwood – Designers Branch

Randy Roberts – Film Editors Branch

Tom Rolf – Film Editors Branch
Board of Governors, July 1989-July 1995, August 1998-July 2007
1983 (56th) *Film Editing – "The Right Stuff"

Mickey Rooney – Actors Branch
1938 (11th) *Special Award
1939 (12th)  Actor – "Babes in Arms"
1943 (16th)  Actor – "The Human Comedy"
1956 (29th)  Actor in a  Supporting Role – "The Bold and the Brave"
1979 (52nd)  Actor in a Supporting Role – "The Black Stallion"
1982 (55th) *Honorary Award

Stanley Rubin – Producers Branch

Don Safran – Public Relations Branch

Gene Saks – Directors Branch

Delia Salvi – Actors Branch

Joseph Sargent – Directors Branch

Maximilian Schell – Actors Branch
1961 (34th) *Actor – "Judgment at Nuremberg"
1975 (48th) Actor – "The Man in the Glass Booth"
1977 (50th) Actor in a Supporting Role – "Julia"

Marshall I. Schlom – Members-at-Large

Fred Scobey – Associates
1972 (45th) *Scientific or Technical Award (Class III)
1975 (48th) *Scientific or Technical Award (Class III)
1978 (51st) *Scientific or Technical Award (Technical Achievement Award)

Lizabeth Scott – Actors Branch

Lorenzo Semple, Jr. – Writers Branch
Board of Governors, June 1973-May 1975

Richard A. Shepherd – Executives Branch

Thomas Sherak – Executives Branch
Board of Governors, August 2003-July 2012
Treasurer, August 2008-July 2009
President, August 2009-July 2012

James Shigeta – Actors Branch

Abby Singer – Associates

Bruce Sinofsky – Documentary Branch
2011 (84th) Documentary (Feature) – “Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory”

Richard E. Smith – Makeup and Hairstylists Branch
1984 (57th) *Makeup – “Amadeus”
1989 (62nd) Makeup – “Dad”
2011 (84th) *Honorary Award

Michael Sporn – Short Films and Feature Animation Branch
1984 (57th) Animated Short Film – "Doctor DeSoto"

Ben Starr – Writers Branch

Stewart Stern – Writers Branch
1951 (24th) Writing (Motion Picture Story) – “Teresa”
1968 (41st) Writing (Screenplay based on material from another medium) – “Rachel, Rachel”

Brandon Stoddard – Executives Branch

Allen L. Stone – Sound Branch

Barry M. Stultz – Members-at-Large
1984 (57th) *Scientific or Technical Award – Scientific and Engineering Award
1984 (57th) *Scientific or Technical Award – Scientific and Engineering Award

Rod Taylor – Actors Branch

Shirley Temple Black – Actors Branch
1934 (7th) *Special Award

Ken Thorne – Music Branch
1966 (39th) *Music (Scoring of Music--adaptation or treatment) – “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”

Stanford Tischler – Film Editors Branch

Albert E. Van Schmus – Members-at-Large

Joseph Viscocil – Visual Effects Branch
1996 (69th) *Visual Effects – “Independence Day”

Raymond James Wagner – Producers Branch

Gregory Walcott – Actors Branch

Leonard White – Executives Branch

Bernie Williams – Producers Branch

Carl W. Williams – Members-at-Large

Robin Williams – Actors Branch
1987 (60th) Actor in a Leading Role – “Good Morning, Vietnam”
1989 (62nd) Actor in a Leading Role – “Dead Poets Society”
1991 (64th) Actor in a Leading Role – “The Fisher King”
1997 (70th) *Actor in a Supporting Role – “Good Will Hunting”

Gordon Willis – Cinematographers Branch
1983 (56th) Cinematography – “Zelig”
1990 (63rd) Cinematography – “The Godfather, Part III”
2009 (82nd) *Honorary Award

Joanne Woollard – Designers Branch
1987 (60th) Art Direction – "Hope and Glory"
2013 (86th) Production Design – "Gravity"

Frank Wright – Public Relations Branch

Robert J. Wunsch – Executives Branch

Than Wyenn -- Actors Branch

Frank Yablans – Producers Branch

Saul Zaentz – Producers Branch
Board of Governors, July 1988-July 1994, August 1997-July 2003
Secretary, August 2001-July 2002
1975 (48th) *Best Picture – "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"
1984 (57th) *Best Picture – "Amadeus"
1996 (69th) *Best Picture – "The English Patient"
1996 (69th) *Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award

Jimmy Zelinger – Members-at-Large

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