About the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Motion pictures are our most populist form of visual art and they captivate us in ways no other art form can. For every generation they are the cultural, social and political diary. They inspire and challenge us to see each other and the world in different and meaningful ways—often crossing ethnic, political, geographic and socioeconomic lines to do so. And yet, in Los Angeles–the moviemaking capital of the world–there is no museum dedicated to preserving, presenting, and celebrating this most influential art form... until now.

The Academy Museum will contain state-of-the-art galleries, exhibition spaces, movie theaters, educational areas, and special event spaces. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will be the world's premier museum devoted to exploring the history and future of the moving image.

Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano and innovative contemporary architect Zoltan Pali, the Academy Museum will be located next to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) campus in the landmarked Wilshire May Company building. The Museum will curate and present the work of Oscar winners and nominees, as well as the legions of global artists who make movies. The Museum will provide interactive, immersive, and engaging exhibitions that will pull back the curtain on moviemaking and highlight the history and future of the arts and sciences of film.


Message from the Director

"From the earliest attempts to capture motion on film in the nineteenth century to experiments that took the image beyond the theater screen and into three-dimensional space and now onto every screen imaginable, cinema's progression has been the result of innovation, imagination, and inspiration.

In this spirit, the Academy Museum will seek to be as imaginative and innovative as motion pictures themselves. It will attempt to inspire its visitors with the same sense of wonder and enchantment and encourage new ways of looking at the indelible role the moving image has had on the world around us. In all of its exhibitions, projects, screenings, and programs, the museum will celebrate the rich history of Hollywood and filmmaking worldwide and will take a look behind the screen at the artistry and technological creativity that have made those unforgettable cinematic moments possible.

But the museum will not only look to the past. At its core, filmmaking is a combination of many art forms—theater, literature, photography, painting, music, etc.—and the museum will embrace this interdisciplinary approach by working with groundbreaking artists in all of these fields, as well as with other cultural institutions in Los Angeles and beyond, to help create its future."

–Kerry Brougher, Director, Academy Museum of Motion Pictures


Academy Museum Staff

Kerry Brougher, Director, Academy Museum
Bill Kramer, Managing Director, Academy Museum and External Relations
Deborah Horowitz, Managing Director, Creative Content
E.J. Alon, Director, Major Gifts
Dawn Mori, Director, Foundation and Government Relations
Jenny Galante, Director, Corporate Partnerships
Ellen Harrington, Director, Exhibitions and Collections
Bettina Fisher, Director, Educational Initiatives
Bernardo Rondeau, Director, Programming
Morgan Kroll, Manager, Public Relations
Christine Rodriguez, Manager, Annual Giving and Special Events
Debbie Peters, Manager, Community Outreach and Government Affairs
Alex Yust, Manager, Exhibit Production and Design
Sonja Wong, Registrar
Betsy Jaffe, Manager, Major Gifts
Julie Gumpert, Programmer
Maryrose McMahon, Programmer
Lee Nance, Development Coordinator
Chris Roginski, Development Coordinator
Joe Gott, Chief Preparator
Mike Gonzalez, Senior Installer
Emma Courtland, Programming Assistant
Elizabeth Iannaci, Box Office Assistant
Dara Jaffe, Assistant to the Director of Exhibitions and Collections
Angela Mayes, Assistant to the Director
Robert Reneau, Programming Assistant
Jen Segal, Assistant to the Managing Director, Academy Museum



Latest press


What the Academy Museum Means For Los Angeles

Celebrating our Hometown Industry

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will be a significant and vital addition to the cultural landscape of Los Angeles—a city that has developed alongside the creation of our motion pictures industry. The Academy Museum will be the first in the nation dedicated solely to the art, craft, business, and history of movies on such a large scale. It will celebrate the industry that defines Los Angeles while providing incredible cultural, historical, and entertainment resources to Angelenos and out-of-town visitors alike. Hollywood and the film industry have shaped culture and creativity around the world, and the Museum will explore these contributions through groundbreaking exhibitions and innovative programming.


Collaborating with Academy Members

From its founding in 1927, with its original 36 members, to its current international roster of more than 6,000 industry artists, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has worked to innovate, celebrate, and promote the magic and craftsmanship of cinema. The Academy Museum will draw from the immense talents and expertise of Academy Members to create a dynamic environment for visitors where the processes, challenges, and creative rewards of moviemaking come alive. From script to screen and every step in between, the storytellers who make movies will share their creative process in a personal, engaging visitor experience that pulls back the curtain on how the magic of the movies is achieved. The Museum will host Academy Members and other moviemaking professionals who will conduct technical demonstrations and master classes on the arts and sciences of film through hands-on activities and behind-the-scenes personal accounts.


Creating a Beacon for Cultural Tourism

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will be the world's premier film museum and one of Los Angeles's leading cultural institutions. The entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles has more museums and theaters than any city in the U.S. The Academy Museum will join world class museums including the Getty Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in attracting visitors from all over the world. In 2013 Los Angeles had a record 36 million domestic and 6.2 million international visitors. The Academy Museum will provide a much needed destination for cultural tourists looking to celebrate the magic and imagination of Hollywood and the movies. More than 400,000 tourists are expected to visit the Academy Museum each year.


Embracing Sustainability, Walkability & Mass Transit

Located at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, the LEED-certified Academy Museum will be in the heart of Los Angeles's Museum Row. Academy Museum visitors will be able to enjoy myriad nearby institutions within walking distance, including LACMA, the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits, Petersen Automotive Museum, A+D Museum, and Craft and Folk Art Museum. Numerous dining, shopping, lodging, and nightlife options are within walking distance or a short bus ride from the Museum. The Museum will also be accessible by bicycle and several Metro bus lines: the 20 and 720 on Wilshire, and 217, 2817, and 780 on Fairfax all stop within half a block of the Museum.

In 2023 Metro's Westside Subway Extension of the Purple line will add a new station at Wilshire and Fairfax, making the Museum easily accessible to thousands of Angelenos.


Creating a Home for the Community

The Academy Museum's open piazza will be a dynamic and lively space that welcomes visitors, and seamlessly connects the Museum to the LACMA campus and beyond. The piazza will lead to the Museum lobby, which will invite visitors to explore the Museum store and the full-service café, which will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The store will carry an array of items including limited-edition photographs from the Academy collection, encyclopedic books on moviemaking, and exhibition catalogues. The Museum's slate of lively public programs and demonstrations will provide opportunities for visitors to exchange ideas and dialogue in a dynamic cultural center. The Museum's galleries, theaters, screening rooms, and education center will also serve as engaging spaces for community members to gather, connect, and socialize. In addition, the Museum will have meeting rooms and common spaces that will be available for the community to use.


Restoring & Preserving the Wilshire May Company Building

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will reimagine one of Los Angeles' most iconic and important landmarks—the celebrated Wilshire May Company building.

Opened in 1939 and designed by Albert C. Martin and Samuel A. Marx, this landmark was once one of Los Angeles' leading department stores. Its prominent cylindrical gold tower signaled the western entrance to the Miracle Mile shopping district. In 1946, a northern annex, also designed by Martin and Marx, was added to the Wilshire May Company building.

The façade of the original Wilshire May Company building is a perfect example of the Streamline Moderne style of architecture that emerged during the 1930s. This architectural style emphasized aerodynamic elegance, curving forms, long horizontal lines, and the simplifying of Art Deco ornamentation.

The design of Streamline Moderne buildings conveyed movement and innovation and drew inspiration from the industrial, scientific, and technological innovations of the time: modern age transportation modes such as airplanes, trains, and ocean liners, and cost-effective industrial materials like glass, cement, and steel.

In 1992, the original façade of the Wilshire May Company building was designated a City of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument (#566). The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will serve as a vital preservation and adaptive reuse initiative that will restore the façade to its Streamline Moderne splendor.

The Academy has a history of building preservation and adaptive reuse projects.

The Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study, home of the Margaret Herrick Library in Beverly Hills, is a restored, refurbished and expanded Spanish-Romanesque building that originally housed the City of Beverly Hills Water Treatment Plant No. 1. Built in 1927, the building was abandoned in 1976 when Beverly Hills began to purchase its water from the Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District. In March of 1988, the City of Beverly Hills accepted a proposal by the Academy that the Waterworks be restored to house the Library and the Academy Film Archive. Work on the 40,000 square-foot building was completed over the next two years, and it reopened in January 1991.

The Academy also restored the former Don Lee Mutual Broadcast Building, the oldest surviving studio building designed for television and radio broadcasting, located in the heart of Hollywood at the corner of Vine and Fountain. Built in 1947 and designed by Claude Beelman and Herman Spacker, the Late Moderne style building was rehabilitated in 2001 by the Academy and is now home to the 286-seat Dunn Theater, and several Academy departments, including the Academy Film Archive, the Science and Technology Council, and the Grants and Nicholl Fellowship programs.


Highlights From The Academy Collection

A great museum starts with an outstanding permanent collection. As the world's most prominent curator of moving image history, the Academy has been collecting and preserving movie-related materials since the 1930s.

The Academy's unparalleled permanent collection contains more than 10 million photographs, 165,000 film and video assets, 80,000 screenplays, 50,000 posters, and 20,000 production and costume design drawings. The collection also includes more than 1,400 special collections of film legends such as Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock, and John Huston. These special collections contain production files, personal correspondence, clippings, contracts, manuscripts, scrapbooks, storyboards, and more.
Highlights from the Academy's permanent collection, which will help to inspire and shape Academy Museum exhibitions, follow...

  • Thumb0

    Joan Crawford

    Joan Crawford models a gown designed by Adrian for Letty Lynton (1932) in this portrait by George Hurrell takenon the set of Grand Hotel

    Click on image for Full Screen
  • Thumb1

    Josephine Baker

    Portrait of Josephine Baker, Havana,Cuba, ca. 1951

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  • Thumb2

    Charles Chaplin

    Coming attraction slide featuring Charles Chaplin, ca. 1915

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  • Thumb3

    The Circus

    Charles Chaplin in a scene from his 1928 silent film The Circus (preserved by the Academy Film Archive in 2002)

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  • Thumb4

    Tora! Tora! Tora!

    Original storyboard art by Akira Kurosawa for Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970). From the Elmo Williams papers.

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  • Thumb5

    Steven Spielberg and George Lucas

    Steven Spielberg and George Lucas at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, 1984

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  • Thumb6

    Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz

    Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz (1939), acquired by the Academy in 2012

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  • Thumb7

    The Wizard of Oz

    Judy Garland, Jack Haley, and production crew during filming of The Wizard of Oz (1939). From the Victor Fleming papers.

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  • Thumb8


    Costume design drawing for Bugsy (1991). Illustration by Shawna Leavell Trpcic from a design by Albert Wolsky.

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  • Thumb9

    Gone with the Wind

    Costume design drawing for Gone with the Wind (1939) by designer Walter Plunkett.

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  • Thumb10

    The Dark Knight

    Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, and others during production on The Dark Knight (2008)

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  • Thumb11

    2001 : A Space Odyssey

    Edwina Carroll in the spacecraft galley in a scene from 200 : A Space Odyssey (1968)

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  • Thumb12

    On the Town

    Frank Sinatra, director Stanley Donen, and Gene Kelly during production of On the Town (1949)

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  • Thumb13

    West Side Story

    Rita Moreno, center, in a scene from West Side Story (1961)

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  • Thumb14

    Bonnie and Clyde

    Costume design drawing for Bonnie and Clyde (1967). From the Theadora Van Runkle collection.

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  • Thumb15

    Bonnie and Clyde

    On the set of Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

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  • Thumb16

    Sunset Blvd.

    Polish movie poster for Sunset Blvd. (1950)

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  • Thumb17


    Czechoslovakian movie poster for Cabaret (1972)

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  • Thumb18

    A Trip to the Moon

    Georges Méliès, ca. 1927, painting an image from his film A Trip to the Moon (1902)

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  • Thumb19

    The Birds

    Veronica Cartwright, Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren, Jessica Tandy, and Alfred Hitchcock during production of The Birds (1963)

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  • Thumb20

    Alice Gets in Dutch

    Movie poster for Alice Gets in Dutch (1924)

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  • Thumb21

    Raging Bull

    Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci (rear) prepare to shoot a scene for Raging Bull (1980)

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  • Thumb22


    James Dean in a wardrobe test for Giant (1956)

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  • Thumb23

    Bride of Frankenstein

    Jack Pierce applies makeup to Boris Karloff during production of Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

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  • Thumb24

    Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn Monroe photographed by Murray Garrett, ca. 1953

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  • Thumb25

    Letter from Marilyn Monroe

    Handwritten letter from Marilyn Monroe to John Huston regarding the film Freud, November 5, 1960. From the John Huston papers.

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  • Thumb26

    The Duke Is Tops

    Lobby card featuring Lena Horne in The Duke Is Tops (1938), later released as The Bronze Venus

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  • Thumb27

    Enter the Dragon

    Japanese movie poster for Enter the Dragon (1973). From the Stephen Chin collection.

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  • Thumb28

    In the Heat of the Night

    Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger (rear) in a scene from In the Heat of the Night (1967)

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  • Thumb29

    Annie Hall

    Woody Allen and Diane Keaton in a scene from Annie Hall (1977)

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Renzo Piano's and Zoltan Pali's design vision for the Academy Museum will revitalize the historic Wilshire May Company building, weave it back into the fabric of the city, and create a coherent arts campus that seamlessly connects with LACMA. Their design for the Academy Museum fully restores the historical Wilshire and Fairfax street-front facades and includes a soaring spherical addition at the northern end of the original building. Designed to represent the marriage of art and technology, the addition will house the Museum's state-of-the-art premiere-sized theater as well as a spectacular roof terrace with expansive views of the city.

"The design for the museum will finally enable this wonderful building to be animated and contribute to the city after sitting underutilized for so long. I am very inspired by the Academy's mission, and the idea of the arts and sciences working together to create films. Our design will preserve the Wilshire May Company building's historic public profile while simultaneously signaling that the building is taking on a new life—a life that celebrates both the industry and art form that this city created and gave to the world."
–Renzo Piano


Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

The Academy Museum is preparing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)—a planning document which describes the environmental impacts associated with a project. Areas of study include: traffic, air quality, noise, city services, and land use, among others. The EIR evaluates potential impacts within these study areas. The Museum Project consists of the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the historically significant Wilshire May Company department store building and construction of a new wing that will house a 1000-seat theater. 

There are six basic project Objective Categories (listed below). The EIR studies each objective and will release the conclusions in the final EIR.

  • Design a world-class Museum to showcase the past, present, and future of the motion picture industry
  • Rehabilitate the original building and preserve its historic significance
  • Operate the Museum in a manner that provides opportunities for a range of visitors while meeting Academy administrative and programming needs
  • Create an economically viable and sustainable Museum
  • Locate the Museum on a site uniquely suited for museum uses and accessible to residents and tourists
  • Reinforce connections to the surrounding neighborhood


For questions regarding the EIR, please contact:
EIRcomments@oscars.org or (310) 247-3000.


Building a museum is not unlike making a movie. Both require vision, commitment, collaboration, community, and support. To make the dream of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures a reality, the Academy has launched a $300 million capital campaign led by Bob Iger, Annette Bening, and Tom Hanks.

The Academy acknowledges with deep appreciation and gratitude the following individuals, companies, and foundations for their extraordinary early support.




The David Geffen Foundation

Dalian Wanda Group
The Walt Disney Company
Dolby Laboratories
Family of Ray Dolby
Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg
Steven Spielberg

Cecilia DeMille Presley
Gale Anne Hurd
Gerry Schwartz and Heather Reisman
The Simms/Mann Family Foundation
The Fran and Ray Stark Foundation

Shirley Temple Black and Family
The Diller - von Furstenberg Family Foundation
Girard-Perregaux Watches
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
Bob Iger and Willow Bay
Lucasfilm Foundation
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
The Morf Foundation
Paramount Pictures Corporation
The Mary Pickford Foundation
Brett Ratner
Ken and Carol Schultz Foundation
Sony Pictures Entertainment
20th Century Fox
Warner Bros. Entertainment

Entertainment Partners / Central   Casting
Lawrence Gordon Family Foundation
Craigar Grosvenor and the Grosvenor Family
Alan and Cindy Horn
Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall
Christopher and Victoria Knight
John and Nancy Lasseter
Garry and Barbara Marshall
Col and Karen Needham
Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP
Thomas Safran
Turner Classic Movies – TCM
Carissa D. Vanitzian

Paul G. Allen
Annette Bening and Warren Beatty
Jason Blum
Jerry and Linda Bruckheimer
The Rick Chace Foundation
Richard and Bonnie Cook
Barbara Roisman Cooper and Martin M. Cooper
Craig Darian and Albert Sweet, Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings
Bruce and Joann Davis
William Delvac
Directors Guild of America
Film Music Foundation
Rob and Shari Friedman
Sid and Nancy Ganis
Jim and Ann Gianopulos
The Family of Alfred Hitchcock
Michael John Horne
Anita Jaffe
Gail and Warren Lieberfarb
John Liebes Family
Frank and Fay Mancuso
Barbara, Joel, Steven, Bert and Camilla Marcus
The New York Times
Pirelli Tire North America
Producers Guild of America
John and Shannon Quinn
Bob and Kay Rehme
Donna Arkoff Roth and Larry Schnur
Bob and Eva Shaye and The Four Friends Foundation
George and Brad Takei
Writers Guild of America, West
Saul Zaentz

Chris Albrecht
Roger Allers and Leslee Hackenson
American Society of Cinematographers
Bill Condon and Jack Morrissey
Content Media Corporation
In Memory of Joseph Farrell
Leonard Hirshan Family Foundation
Colin and Julianna Horn
Dawn Hudson
Hawk and Molly Koch
Carla Laemmle
Marvin J. Levy
Roger L. Mayer
Lawrence Mirisch
Walter Mirisch
Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich
Craig Murray / mOcean, LLC
Catherine A. Paura
Profiles In History
Nathan Rosenberg
Tom and Madeleine Sherak
Sequoia Productions
Starz Entertainment, LLC
Albert Wolsky

Anna and Curt Behlmer
Alan and Marilyn Bergman
Thora Birch
Caleb Deschanel
Leonard and Esther Engelman
Charles and Joan Fox
Mark and Ann Goldblatt
Arthur Hamilton
Andrea and Ron Hein Charitable Gift Fund
Jackman Family Foundation
Mark Johnson
Glenn Jordan and Michael Stubbs
Richard and Marianne Kahn
Brad Karp
David Koepp and Melissa Thomas
Local 706 IATSE Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild
Andrew Millstein and Rosemarie Fall
David L. Newman
Patrick and Simone Purcell
Phil Alden Robinson and Paulette Bartlett
Donald and Juliana Rosenfeld
Russell and Candace Saunders
Howard Shore and Elizabeth Cotnoir
George and Elizabeth Stevens
Michael Tronick and Barbara Scott
Vince Vaughn
Gretchen and Michael Wayne Family

Joanna Barnes
Ed Begley, Jr. and Rachelle Carson
Barry Bernardi
Lawrence and Kathryn Bernstein
James Beshears
Kathryn Bigelow
Debi Bishton
Jim and Martha Bissell
Louis and Evelyne Blau
Jon Bloom
J. J. Blumenkranz
Cheryl Boone Isaacs
Rosemary Brandenburg and Ken Haber
Bruce Broughton
Mara Buxbaum and Mathew Rosengart
Charles L. Campbell
Karen and Jason Carbone
James and Felicia Cashin
Lisa Cholodenko
Heather Cochran and David Allen
Barbara Roisman Cooper and Martin M. Cooper
Richard P. Crudo
Leslee Dart and Michael Leon
Adam and Jessica Davidson
Jon Davison
George and Flora Dunaians
Dr. Raymond Fielding
Alicia C. Foster
Grant and Lydia Geissman
Antony and Sherrye Gibbs
Julia and Ken Gouw
Don and Teddy Hall
Grafton S. Harper
Louise Kerz Hirschfeld
Paul Jordan
Fay Kanin
James Katz and Marty Wyle
Bill Kroyer
Lisa Kudrow
David Ladd
Donna Langley
Dana Lombardo
Janet and David Lonner
Charlie Lyons
M. Milo Mandel
Michael Mann
Michael Marshall and Melissa Palmer
Edmond and Jalena Mietzner
Scott and Deborah Millan
Michael Minkler and Heidi Brook Myers
James Mitchell
Ms. Jimmy M. Mitchell
Amir Mokri
Kyna B. Morgan
Jim Morris
Robert and Christina Neiwirth
Jack Oakie & Victoria Horne Oakie Charitable Foundation
Kevin O'Connell
Dennis O'Connor
Mary Parent
Julie Payne
David V. Picker
Helene S. Pierson
Jeremy Plager
Joanna Priestley and Paul Harrod
The Repola Family
Catherine Rinaldi
Richard P. Rubinstein
Arthur N. Ryan
Janet Salter in Memory of Maxwell Salter
Jeff Sanderson
Masamichi Satoh
Steve and Lenore Scheffer
Peter and Donna Schlessel
Tom Schulman
Peter S. Seaman
Howard Shore and Elizabeth Cotnoir
Buffy Shutt
Solenski / Blackey Family
Rudolph C. Stangler and Judy J. Stangler
Steve Starkey and Olivia Erschen
Michael Sterling
Sharon Stone
Thinkwell Group
Peter Weller
Michael and Eve Williams-Jones
Noah S. Wyle Foundation

Edward M. Abroms
Maria R. Adamo
Robin Fern Adelman
Shohreh Aghdashloo
Anne H. Ahrens
James and Lois Aicholtz
Lloyd Akagi
Randle Akerson
Raymond Alba
Gail Alexander
Jane Alexander
Nina Allen
Russ T. Alsobrook
Victor and Patricia Amato
Adrienne M. Anderson
Maryann Grasso Anderson
Anonymous (25)
Apollo Productions & AAR Digital LLC
Diane Argirokastritis
Christopher Arnold
David and Peggy Ash
René and Judith Auberjonois
Toni M. Augustine
Robert Babish
Alison Bach
Danilo Bach
Amy and Matthew Baer
John Bailey
Edward Balkan
Bob and Cima Balser
Kyle E. Banta
Bill Banyai
Josette Banzet
Steven Barber
Paula Barmaper
Craig Barron
Michael Barry
Lorrie Bartlett
Rosanne and Pratik Basu
Kathleen Baxter-Walker and Keaton Scott Walker
G.R. Beauchamp
Bel-Air Association
Deanna Hopkins Bell
Robert and Claire Bellanti
Joni and Miles Benickes
Mark Benjamin
Laurence Bennett and Nina Bradford
William C. Bergens
Jessica Berman
Marlene J. Bertman
Brad Bishop
Robert Blees
Georgette Bloom
BLT Communications, LLC
Jennifer L. Blum
Orin Borsten
Nuria Botella
Serge Bourguignon
William Bradley
Christopher Brancato
Christina Brehove
John and Nancy Briley
Vincent and Karen Brook
Arvin Brown
Dennis Brown
Siggi Bucher
Karina Budliger
Genevieve Bujold
Robert Buote
Matthew Burek
Stephen and Linda Burum
In Honor of Jacqueline Butler
John Cacavas
Nicholas Calica
Dyan Cannon
Reuben Cannon Productions
Tirsa Cardenas
Bob Carlisle
Nick Carpou
Randy and Janice Carter
Thomas Carter
Chris Casady
David Cason
Francisco J. Castañeda
Alex Cavallo
Stacy Cecil
Michael Cervantes
Mike Chambers
Scott Chambliss
Larry Chernoff
William Chun
Richard and Jean Church
Candace Clark
Bonnie Clevering
Stephanie L. Coats
Sue Cochran
Harvey Cohen
Howard M. Cohen
Marc Cohen and Lyn
MacEwen Cohen
Eugene Connors
Walt Conti
Spencer Cook
Gene Corman
In Honor of Isabelle and Sophia Corn
Bill Corso
Norbert Courcelle
Tucker Cowan
A.J. Crane
Megan Crawford
Andrew Cripps
Russell Cros
Marketta and Larry Crum
Clint Culp
Peg Cummings
Joni Cuquet
Bernie and Deirdre Cutler
Zachary Damon
James Darbinian
Noel and Cathy Davies
Agnes Dawson
Aurore de Blois
Andrew R. DeCristofaro
Diane De Los Santos
Densham Family
Ann Desena
DJ Audio, Inc.
Dan Dollar
Robert Dorfman
In Memory of Livio Dottor
Matthew Downey
Joan and Michael Dry
Paulette M. DuBey
Daneen Dugan-Todten
In Honor of Maggie Duncan
Barbara Molloy Dutton
Kathryn Each
The Eames, Kramer, and Bonk Families
Sara Eberhardy
Gordon A. Ecker, Jr.
Mylo Egipciaco
Hector Elias
Constance B. Elliot
Robert and Helen Elswit
Marina El Tayar
Kevin G. Ennis
Rob P. Epstein
Susanna Erdos
Jonathan Evans
Vernon Facundo
David Lee Fein
Antonette Ferguson
Conchata and Mescal Ferrell
Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo
In Memory of Joel Ferris II
Denise Fetterly
John Fielding
Mary Finger
Arlene Fishbach
Robert B. Fisher
Laurie Flamholtz
Manny Flekman
Chris Floyd
Julie Fontaine
Robert Forster
Nancy Foy
Max and Jan Fraley
Marie France
Carrie Frazier
Jack E. Freedman and Patricia Herskovic
Fred Freeman
Leigh French
Shani Friedman
Jessica Frierson
Patricia Fuellas
Susanne Fusso
M.B. Garber
Hector A. Garcia
Deborah Gasparich
Justin George
John Gerard
Bob and David Gersh
Michael Gil
Janis Gilbert
Paul Glabicki
Dana E. Glauberman
Renee Goan
Kevin Goetz
Linda Goldberg
William C. Goldenberg
Mia Goldman
Fabio Golombek
Melinda Sue Gordon
William Gordon
Steven Gottlieb
Richard Green and Adena Smith
Robert Gurval
Jeffrey Haboush
Catherine Halfon
Cami Hamilton
Blaine and Barbara Handell
Mimi and Stan Handman
Craig Hanna and Laura Thompson
Thomas Hansen
Christina Hart
Jim and Carol Hartung
Haute Stick
Tippi Hedren
Betsy Heimann
Kathy Henkel
Dennis Henry
Richard and Patricia Herd
Guy Hermann
Rigoberto Hernandez
Kent Holmes
Kristin Holmes
Barry Howard Limited
Harry C. Howard
Christine Hughes
Tim Hunter
Gary Hwang
Hyman Kosman Poductions
Elizabeth Iannaci
H. Matthew Israel
Dana Ivey
Jay and Meredith Jackson
Stevens Jackson
Nancy Utley Jacobs
Dara Sholl Jaffe
Judith John
Joan Ellen Johnson
William Jordan
Sheldon Kahn
Matthias Kalbermatter and The Inspiration & Creativity Foundation
David Kaliner
Luke and Kristy Kallis
Bernard and Susan Kamins
Brenda Karalnick
Miriam Kashem
Robin Keith
Larry Kemp
Steve Kennedy
Evan and Karen Kent
Mark A. King
Myles King and L. Patrick Chauvin
John Knoll
Elliott and Barbara Koretz
Kerry Korf and Hannah Haas
Warren and Patricia Kourt
William Kramer
Stu and Hillary Krieger
Danny Krouk
Eryn Kruger Mekash and Mike Mekash
Michael Krulik
Monica Kung
Helene and Stephen Kunkel
Al Kunkle
Michelle and Stan Kurtz
Mrs. Hiromi Kusano
Nancy Kwan
Ian and Doris La Frenais
Monica Lang
Angela Lansbury Shaw
Jeffrey and Roberta Lee
Dylan Leiner
Eric Lelina
Glory Leonard
Jim Leonard
In Honor of Michelle Leopold
Catherine Lester
Flora Levario
John Leveque
Donna Levi
In Honor of Bonita and Robert Levin
Susan Lee Levin
Richard P. Levine
Heidi Levitt
Howard Levy and Nathalie Blossom
Ruby E. Little
Lynne Littman
Reto Locher
Michael Lombard
Erik Lomis
Andrew London
Barbara Long
Jay Lorden
Grant Loucks and Judith Bronowski
Chad A. Loving
Melissa Low
David and Stacey Lubliner
Francesco and Olimpia Lucente
Lucia Ludovico
Arlene Ludwig
Anna Lynch-Robinson
Julie Lynn
Penny Roberts Macdonald
Johanna Maietti
Carla Malden and Norman Beil
Nancy Malone
Jack and Mary Lou Maranian
Greg Marcks
Colin Marshall
Robert F. Marshall
Gary and Susan Martin
Leslie and Constance Martinson
Michael J. Maskery
In Honor of Patty and Bob Massey
Samantha Mathis
Karen Ann Matthews
Angela Mayes
Asa Maynor
Jane McCarthy
Peggy McCay
Timothy McClure
Blair McCoy
David McKnight
John McLean
Jeffrey and Carol McLeod
Cooper and Sarah McMains
Richard F. McWhorter
Jonathan Mersel and Marion Peters
Lillian Michelson
Samuel Miller
In Memory of R. Thaddeus Mitchell
In Memory of Christa Mogel
Anthony and Jill Mollico
Kara Mondino
In Honor of Marilyn Monrovia
Frances and Fjaere Mooney
George and Visi Mooradian
Joseph Moosavian
Andre and Maria Morgan
William Morgan
Dawn Mori
In Memory of Douglas Morrow
Daniel Muñoz
Eugene Murray
Julian Myers
Jeff Napshin
Jennifer and Martin Nash
Maria Nay
Jim and Barbara Nelson
In Honor of Tim Nielsen
Valerie Noriega
In Honor of Barbara Easton Nowak
Benedicta and Geoffry Oblath
Jason O'Brien
Jerry and Pam Offsay
Alfred and Lillian Olander
Eric and Susan Orbom
Thomas Osborne
Paula J. Overy
Conrad Palmisano
Vasilios Papadamakis
Pasadena Tournament of Roses
M.J. Peckos
Larry and Beth Peerce
Lisa Pelikan
Julio Perez
Deborah Peters
Ken Petrie
Lucinda Phillips
Stu Phillips
Melissa Piekaar
Jim Pignone and Leslie Snow
Robert and Gwynne Pine
Carmelo Pirrone
Joel and Margaret Polinsky
Dale M. Pollock
Brenda R. Pontiff
Practical Pictures
Joe and Linnea Praml
Vivian Procopio
Pamela Pulido
Sarah Quay
Cheyne Quinn
Louis Race
Bonnie Radford
Svetla Radivoeva
David and Gina Riberi
John Richardson
Sara E. Risher
Jonas Rivera
Crystal Ro
Jill Roberts
Christine Joyce Rodriguez
Elizabeth Roewe
Steven Rogers
Christopher J. Roginski
Hilda Rolfe
Reva Rose
Jeanne Rosenberg
Rick Rosenberg
Patricia E. Rosenfeld
Richard Rosenzweig
Gabriel Benjamin Ross
Vivian and David Roth
Allyson Rubin
Gizelle Russ
Theresa Ellis Rygiel
Martin Samuel
Sandra Sanchez
Ari Sandel
William and Sharon Sanderson
Midge Sanford and Peter Broderick
Anne Sansalone
Connie Sawyer
Glen Scantlebury
James A. Schamus
Stanley B. Schneider
Alena Schoonmaker
Fred Schuler
Gene Schwam
Judy Seckler
James Sepe
Merrick Sequeira
Rick and Karen Shaine
Richard and Susan Shamban
In Honor of Sophia Shemano
Starrie Shing
Peggy Siegal
Josh Siegel
Regina and Steven Silver
Gregory Silverman
Kevin Simpson
Steve Siskind
Spyros Skouras
JerryDean Smith
Jo-Anne Smith
Kurtwood and Joan Smith
Nicholas C. Smith
Sheryl Smith
Ellen Smucker
Elizabeth Sodaro
Philip Solomita
Nelson Spencer
Warren Spencer
Michael Spindler
Dante Spinotti
Paul and Mariann Springer
Thomas Stanford
Carole Stanzione
Bonnie R. Stark
Victoria Steele
Tom and Kerstin Stempel
Zach Stentz and Leah Glynn
Jonathan Stepp
Ricki Stern
Jayden Stewart
Kenneth E. Stewart
Paul Stiga
Brandon Stoddard and
Mary Anne Dolan
Oliver Stone
Kevin M. Stoner
Strategy PR
Art Streiber and
Glynis Costin
Strictly Vacations
Evie and Louis Stroller
Douglas and Sue Strom
William Swan
Gary Swernik
Ron Sylvester
Richard Tabin
Fred Tabsharani
Albert Taffoni
Armando Talian
Tim Taylor
Kirk and Ellie Thompson
Kenneth and Linda Thorne
John Tirrell
John Toll
Bob Tourtellotte and Jane Clark
Patricia and Jon Tracy
Larry and Mary True
Mia Turi
Craig Turner
Ron Underwood
Anita Unikel
Nia Vardalos
Mary Vavrik
Michael Villacres
Erich Wagner
Gregory Walcott
In Memory of Aloha Wanderwell
Kate Ward
Ward Productions, Inc.
Thomas Watson
Dr. Leslie Weiner and Judith Weiner
Roy and Julia Weinstein
Burton A. Weissbourd
Douglas P. Welch, Jr.
Glenna Weller
William Wellman, Jr.
Karla and Brent Wennerstrom
Dale Whitaker and  Christopher Shott
Gwen White
Jeff White
Stephen W. White and Sheri Singer
James A. Wiatt
Geraldine Williams
Nancy L. Williams
Simon Wincer
Barbara Winter
Fred Wolf
Ralph M. and Molly Wolveck
Wonderful Films
Mae Woods
Frank Wuliger
Stuart Wurtzel and Patrizia
Von Brandenstein
Georgeann Wyatt
Daisuke Yamada
Valeri Ann Young
Juliette Youngblood
Sharon Younkin
D.J. Ziegler



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