From Academy Bylaws:

Article III, Section 1.  Membership shall be by invitation of the Board of Governors.  Invitations to active membership shall be limited to those persons active in the motion picture arts and sciences, or credited with screen achievements, or who have otherwise achieved distinction in the motion picture arts and sciences and who, in the opinion of the Board, are qualified for membership.

To be considered for membership in the Executives Branch of the Academy, an individual must:

(a)  have been functioning for at least five years at a senior executive level and be a driving force in 
the creation of motion pictures at an organization such as a major / independent studio, production company, streamer, and/or entity that distributes theatrical motion pictures. Qualifying positions, or their equivalent include, but are not limited to, the following key positions:


  Head of Production (Creative)
  EVP of Production (Creative)

  Head of Production (Physical)
  EVP of Production (Physical)

  Head of Domestic Distribution
  EVP of Domestic Distribution

  Head of International Distribution
  EVP of International Distribution

  Head of Animation
  EVP of International Distribution
  Head of Business Affairs
  EVP of Business Affairs

        In addition, the organization at which the candidate has achieved the qualifying position should 
        be a company which has been producing and/or releasing pictures for the most recent five 
        years, and has released at least three theatrical features (two for Animated features) during that 


(b) have, in the judgment of the majority of the Executives Branch Executive Committee, otherwise achieved unique distinction, earned special merit, regardless of title made an outstanding contribution, or demonstrated exceptional promise as a motion picture executive.


To keep membership in the Executives Branch active, members must continue to serve in the motion picture industry for a period of no less than twenty years, said length of service to include the years prior to membership as well as those subsequent to joining the Academy.

In the event a member leaves the industry to take up employment in a non-entertainment industry field of endeavor or takes a hiatus from working status prior to completing the required years of service, he or she will be designated for transfer to the Associates category, said transfer to become effective one year after notification of Associates designation.

In the event a member who has been moved to the Associates category resumes employment in the motion picture industry, he or she may request reinstatement in the Branch.