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Music (Original Score)

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Q.    Steven, hello.  Over here. 
A.    Oh, hello.

Q.    Congratulations.  You apologized to your parents for making such a noise when you were growing up.  Could you talk about the origins of your ‑‑ where your love of music came from and where you hope it will go from here with your Oscar?
A.    My house was basically full of music.  My main memories of growing up are the record player in the living room at home and we basically just ‑‑ my mom claims I learned to speak from listening to records, and that was kind of it.  So it was all the Beatles and Stones and that sort of stuff and we used to dance around the living room.  So that kind of started me up on playing lots of instruments and that sort of thing.  And I've kind of done nothing else ever since, so I hopefully, you know, I'll be able to keep doing that and the doors hopefully will open to working with people who want to tell my stories like this, you know.  This was an incredible opportunity, and then hopefully there will be more of those in the future.  Thank you. 

Q.    Hi.  Congratulations. 
A.    Thank you.

Q.    We previously ‑‑ previously talked about before the movie came out about this Oscar nomination and now win.  And your journey has now brought you to this.  How are you feeling?
A.    Oh, incredible.  I mean, I can't believe it really.  I kind of got it into my head that it wouldn't happen, so it's a bit of a shock when it actually does happen.  And so, yeah, it's an amazing feeling, yeah.

Q.    Congratulations. 
A.    Thank you.

Q.    We have the metaphor, the motif, from your award‑winning sound team that this is, in fact, a musical.  Can you talk about writing music for this musical?
A.    Well, really, I mean it was ‑‑ because, you know, there's no conventional sound in space.  I had this incredible canvas to work with.  You know, the music was not only carrying the emotional journey ‑‑ oh.  But it was also kind of surrounding you and immersing you and hopefully ‑‑ like a ballet really I was following the choreography of the characters and the way they were looking and all that sort of thing, with the hope that we make you feel like you were the third astronaut up in space.  So that was the hope.  Thank you.


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