Backstage Interview | 86th Academy Awards

Short Film (Live Action)

CATEGORY: Short Film (Live Action)
INTERVIEW WITH: Anders Walter and Kim Magnusson


Q.    Hello. 

Q.    Congratulations. 
A.    (KIM MAGNUSSON) Thank you.

Q.    I'm really, really happy for you.  So it's unusual for a short film to be released in theaters.  Can you tell the audience a little bit about where your film's been this year?
A.    (ANDERS WALTER) I think it has been everywhere.  Isn't that what they're telling us?  I think it's been all over America, Canada.  I know for sure Toronto, at the TIFF building, now it's touring also around the world.  So, I really think that Shorts and Shorts International are doing a great job of expanding people's knowledge of short films because it's just a ' it's a great medium that people just have to rely on because that's where all filmmakers have started once, and that's really great.

Q.    Sorry. 
A.    (ANDERS WALTER)  Woman in green.

Q.    Exactly.  Where will you keep the Oscar in your home?
A.    (KIM MAGNUSSON)  Where we will keep it?  I haven't thought about that actually.  Maybe in my daughter's room.  I don't know.  I'll probably keep it on ' on my ' on my working desk for inspiration. 
A.    (ANDERS WALTER)  I'll keep mine ' I don't know where.  Close to my heart. 

Q.    You said ' or you said during your acceptance speech that the actors worked for free and that it was such an inspiration.  Where did you get the inspiration for the film?  It's very moving. 
A.    (KIM MAGNUSSON)  I mean this is a story that kind of celebrates fantasy and the way kids uses fantasy and then it builds imaginary worlds, and I did that as a child a lot.  And I just think it's a very beautiful thing to do, to come up with, you know, imaginary worlds in order to ' to ease pain.  If life gets too hard on you, it's ' it's a fantastic way to escape and make life more beautiful.  And I wasn't ' I just always wanted to tell my kind of story on that theme, and it became HELIUM.


A.    (ANDERS WALTER)  Thank you guys. 
A.    (KIM MAGNUSSON)  Thank you.


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