Backstage Interview | 86th Academy Awards

Foreign Language Film

CATEGORY: Foreign Language Film
INTERVIEW WITH: Paolo Sorrentino


Q.    There was a time when there were a lot of Italian films coming over here to America during ‑‑ you know, of course, during the '50s and '60s, but also in the '80s with CINEMA PARADISO.  Is the Italian film industry getting better about expanding beyond the local audience to make films for a global audience?  Do you find that they're funding more films?  Is it easier than it used to be?
A.    I don't know if the Italian industry is doing this, but I am sure that the Italian industry should do more for ‑‑ it's a long time that we are going to do just movies for a local market.  And I hope that this award is stimulation for the Italian cinema to do a story that can go everywhere. 

Q.    [Speaks in Italian.] 
A.    [Speaks in Italian.] 

Q.    I'm over here.  Ciao.  Congratulations. 

Two things.  One to follow up what he was saying, you felt a sense of responsibility about this Oscar after so many years for Italian cinema that in fact this means a lot.  I mean, all Italy these days was behind you.  Did you feel the sense of strong responsibility?  And what kind of emotions you felt going up there today with Toni and Nicola? 
A.    I felt a sense of responsibility in the last two days from my country because too many people were talking about this work, and so I was a little bit under pressure, and then the condition to be the favorite movie.  It was a little bit harder to ‑‑ to leave, to be.  But now I am ‑‑ I am happy.  I don't know what to say.  I am very happy.  And it's ‑‑ it's not easy to describe.  I will need some months before understanding what happen ‑‑ what's happened. 

Q.    I'm just wondering ‑‑ it's here ‑‑ it's here.  No, it's here. 
A.    I'm so sorry.

Q.    I'm just wondering in Italian films there's always beautiful music.  So, if you can tell us a little bit about your music in the film, which is very inspirational. 
A.    The music in the film is ‑‑ it's a very simple mix between sacred music and the profane music because in my mind Rome is a city that has this big characteristic to combine the sacred and the profane.  It's the city of the Vatican, is the center of the Catholic world.  But at the same time, the profane world works under the Vatican.  And so I tried to tell this with the music. 

Q.    You mentioned Diego Maradona.  He's not from Italy.  So why him?
A.    Because I am from Napoli ‑‑ Naples ‑‑ and Maradona played for many years in our team, and I was a boy when he played in our team.  And for me he was very important.  Yeah.


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