Backstage Interview | 86th Academy Awards

Short Film (Animated)

CATEGORY: Short Film (Animated)
INTERVIEW WITH: Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares


Q.    I'm sorry.  I'm going to ask the question in French, if you don't mind, and then I'm going to say it in English so my colleagues will understand.  There's eighty French animators working at DreamWorks.  There's a bunch of animators working at Disney.  It seems to me there's some kind of French/Dutch in the animation and we see a lot of animation from France winning Oscars.  [Speaks in French] 
A.    (Laurent Witz) Perhaps there is a French ‑‑ [speaks in French] ‑‑
A.    (Alexandre Espigares)  [Speaks in French]

Q.    The film is endearing and how did you come up with the inspiration for your character, Mr. Hublot? 
A.    (Laurent Witz) There is a fantastic sculptor we work with, Stephane Halleux.  He's doing fantastic sculptor and characters.  So, that was the first inspiration of Mr. Hublot and he's a great man.  Yeah. 

Q.    Also, the short film has been made thanks to the Luxembourg Film Fund.  So, if you could talk because lately the Luxembourg Film Fund is being like a good ending for short films and animation.  How did you came about that and what are you doing next? 
A.    (Alexandre Espigares) What Film Fund were you referring to?  [Inaudible]
A.    (Laurent Witz) The movie has been made between Luxembourg and France.  There is a part of the production made in Luxembourg because you have two company, one in Luxembourg in production, another company in Lorraine, in France.  It's [Inaudible].  We work together with these two little company and, yes, Luxembourg is a good place to do such ‑‑ shot movie because we've done it between Luxembourg and French ‑‑ and France.  Sorry. 

Q.    What are you doing next? 
A.    (Laurent Witz) Next we are developing idea about animated feature film and TV series, as well.  So we are doing a lot of work about that about next step. 

Q.    Could you just differentiate when you speak who it is, where will you keep the Oscar in your house? 
A.    (Alexandre Espigares) Could you repeat that question, please? 

Where are you going to keep the Oscar in your house? 
A.    (Laurent Witz) I don't know.  I didn't expect to have an Oscar.  I didn't think about that.  But I will, you know, my house is very small so I will try ‑‑ I will find somewhere to put the Oscar.  Thank you very much. 
A.    (Alexandre Espigares) It's heavier than I expected so I might use it to work out. 

Q.    You've said that it was a slice of life but it's quite a beautiful detailed slice of life.  What was the most important aspect of getting this right in terms of the environment and this beautiful relationship? 
A.    (Laurent Witz) The thing is that we develop relationship between Mr. Hublot and the dog, but it was in order to put poetry in the film to have ‑‑ to bring emotions through characters.  That was the first purpose of ‑‑ the first goal of MR. HUBLOT or the first goal.  Even if we made so much work on details on everything, you know, but the first proposal was to have to bring emotion and to have poetry in this movie.  Thank you.


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