Backstage Interview | 85th Academy Awards

Makeup and Hairstyling

CATEGORY: Makeup and Hairstyling
INTERVIEW WITH: Lisa Westcott and Julie Dartnell


Q.I just wanted to ask, I know you obviously won the Baftas, as well. How does that feel in comparison? A.(Lisa Westcott) Well, it's like I'm sorry, I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'm still shaking. It's just extraordinary when you think of the competition, particularly the Baftas, it was like five other films against us, something like that. I really [inaudible]. It's just so amazing. But the film is tough and hard and we had a wonderful team, so maybe there's a God. Q.Hello. Congratulations. A.(Julie Dartnell) Thank you. A.(Lisa Westcott) Thank you. Q.I want to ask, in a musical where the performance is being recorded live as they're being recorded as production's going on, is there anything different or difficult more difficult when doing hairstyles and makeup for the cast? A.(Lisa Westcott) Yeah. Well, it was different because all the songs were done in their entirety, usually with about eight cameras. So from start to finish, your work is there. So if anything happens within that long run, sometimes you'll sit there watching thinking, oh, no, that's done, that's not done. You can't go and rectify it. So, for that reason for us, you know, it was very important to make sure that everything was spot on before the cameras turned. So, yeah, it was different in that way. Q.Congratulations, girls. I saw your smile [inaudible]. A.(Lisa Westcott) Yes, you did. A.(Julie Dartnell) Hi. Q.So, I just want to know how working with Michael and Cameron they're going to entertain you tonight? A.(Julie Dartnell) We can't possibly say. A.(Lisa Westcott) I think we're going to dance, don't you? Q.Champagne for you or tea? A.(Julie Dartnell) Oh, well, I think it's got to be champagne. Q.Thank you. A.(Julie Dartnell) This boy needs a bed wetting. Q.Congratulations, ladies. A.(Lisa Westcott) Thank you. A.(Julie Dartnell) Thank you. Q.This is the first time, I gather, that the two categories are now together and so it really does put the spotlight on how you work together. And in this particular case, you had a lot of characters and the period to work with. Talk a little bit about that cohesiveness of vision in formulating your characters. A.(Lisa Westcott) Well, the hair and makeup thing in England is not an unusual mix. And we are ex BBC so we are always trained to do both. And so, for me, I would never ever even accept a job that would separate the two because the very nature of the job and the very essence of the job is to create characters, and to create the character you need all the tools in the box. For me, you need the hair and the makeup, which are really powerful bedfellows. And, for me, I would never do just one or the other. They very much go together. It's like walking around with one shoe it seems, to me, weird not to have those two elements that completely chime with each other. To make the characters, my God, there were so many characters in LES MIS, I tell you. And lots and lots of wigs and prosthetics. It was massive. Four and a half thousand extras and 250 principals, I think. It was a bit huge. A.(Julie Dartnell) But challenging, we think. A.(Lisa Westcott) Hey, we got that. Q.What was your reaction when Anne Hathaway insisted on having her hair cut for real in the movie? A.(Lisa Westcott) It was completely her decision. It was her decision before I was even a twinkle in the eye of the producers. So when I joined, and my prep, the decision was made. She was absolutely clear that she wanted to do this thing. And good for her, you know, hair grows back, it's no big deal and it's a wonderful part and opportunity for her. So good for her. My goodness. She's got so much publicity from it. We could have easily done it with wigs and full cap and basically a bald cap and a very, very fine wig on the top and it would have been easy to do but she really wanted to do it for real. A.(Julie Dartnell) And it was very effective. It was a very emotional moment, as well, being on the set. I think the whole crew were all emotional. A.(Lisa Westcott) It really helped her performance too. A.(Julie Dartnell) Yeah. Q.Thank you so much, and congratulations. A.(Lisa Westcott) Thank you. A.(Julie Dartnell) Thank you.


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