Backstage Interview | 85th Academy Awards

Documentary (Feature)

CATEGORY: Documentary (Feature)
INTERVIEW WITH: Malik Bendjelloul and Simon Chinn
FILM: "Searching for Sugar Man"


Q. What was going through your mind when you heard your name and you went up on stage?
A. It's great. It's like the whole world goes in slow motion and you say, I should not fall right now, but it's kind of slippery steps.

Q. Hello. Over here. I just wanted to know how are you going to celebrate tonight?
A. I think we are going to go to the Vanity Fair party and celebrate with some friends, some are here and some are waiting outside right now.

Q. Congratulations. I am from Israel. And so I wanted to ask you about the international aspect of this category this year and if you've seen the other two Israeli/Palestinian movies nominated?
A. (Malik Bendjelloul) I think they are great films. Very, very important films.
A. (Simon Chinn) I agree. I think they're great films. I actually particularly liked THE GATEKEEPERS, which I always thought was going to win, but it's nice to nice to be proven wrong.

Q. You talk about Rodriguez not be being here, and not many people know him. I mean, the movie is great and shows like a the guy's so mysterious and so shy, too. So, I don't know if he he is not here because he wants to be, you know, like a mystery? Too shy? I mean, do you think this movie is going to do something for him or is he still going to be like underground, the guy?
A. (Malik Bendjelloul) If you ask me why he's not here, that's the other question is, there's a few different stuff, he's been touring in South Africa for two weeks with 50,000 people. So he's kind of tired.
A. (Simon Chinn) And also, I mean, I said it on stage. He doesn't want to he genuinely doesn't want to take the credit for this film. He doesn't regard it as his film. He regards it as Malik's film. You know, he, you know, and you know, he's genuinely a humble man, and he wanted to stay at home in Detroit watching television.

Q. Congratulations on your Oscar. The film was a very emotional film, and I was wondering if, because of the response from the film, if Rodriguez, himself, has gotten any offers for record deals today or to resume his career in the record industry?
A. (Malik Bendjelloul) Oh, yes. Oh, yes. At this very moment, as we speak, he has three albums on Billboard, which never happened before. And he's talking about recording a new album, which might happen [inaudible].
A. (Simon Chinn) And the soundtrack album came out with the film SUGAR MAN released by Sony Legacy.
A. (Malik Bendjelloul) Oh, yes.


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