Backstage Interview | 85th Academy Awards

Documentary (Short Subject)

CATEGORY: Documentary (Short Subject)
INTERVIEW WITH: Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine


Q.Tell us, if you would, about what your expectations were coming into the evening and then what went through your head when they called your name. A.(Sean Fine) We were nominated once in 2008 for a documentary award, so I think we were in a very relaxed state, but as it got closer to the award, the butterflies started. I'm lucky because we're married, so Andrea and I are squeezing our hands really tight, I have nail marks from her squeezing my hand, and when they called our names, it just seemed really surreal. But at the same time, we were really excited that Inocente, who was with us, our guest tonight, a young homeless girl, can stand on the stage in front of a billion people and show the world that homeless kids have a voice. And so that's an amazing, amazing thing. The Academy can make that happen. Q.Hi there. You still live in Washington, right? A.(Andrea Nix Fine) That's our town. You've got to see his socks. Can you show the socks? A.(Sean Fine) [Lifts pant leg, shows Redskins socks.] Do I live in Washington? Yes. Q.Something about the Redskins, right? A.(Andrea Nix Fine) "No pressure, no diamonds." A.(Sean Fine) "No pressure, no diamonds, RG3." Q.Can you talk to me a little bit about making films from the Washington base and the challenges, and the good things and the bad things there. A.(Andrea Nix Fine) I think what's really great about Washington is it's the seat of a lot of power, and just like two weeks ago Inocente was in the House of the Congress and talking to the senators and congresswomen and men. These are huge issues. She's really giving a face to what's an invisible population. One in 45 kids in this country are homeless and that doesn't make sense. That's like you take two classes in school and one kid in each classroom is homeless, and when you add that up, that's a hell of a lot of kids. So I think we feel very connected to Washington as being able to say, "Look, maybe we can do something about this." Also, everyone is expecting you to be from New York or L.A., and we're third generation Washingtonians, and that doesn't happen very often. We love being from D.C. A.(Sean Fine) It's a great community. Q.Can you talk about the role of Kickstarter in making your film and going on to win an Oscar? A.(Sean Fine) Kickstarter was you know, we were kind of three quarters done with the film, and we were trying to find more money to make the film, and we decided to do something with Kickstarter with our producers, and it really helped. It really helped galvanize the community and get the word out about the film, and it helped fund a bunch of the film and kept us going basically through the post production process. So it's a great new outlet for films, especially documentary films. A.(Andrea Nix Fine) I think had you tried to get the amount of funding that came through Kickstarter and sort of approached an individual entity, that's a huge ask, it's a hard ask. It feels really good because not only are you raising funds for your film but you're building a community and an audience and people that care about the film. They're watching tonight, and you know they flipped out when the film won. So that feels great. Q.Thank you so much and congratulations.


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