Backstage Interview | 85th Academy Awards


CATEGORY: Cinematography
INTERVIEW WITH: Claudio Miranda


Q.Hello. Congratulations on your Oscar. When you are given a project that's considered unmakeable, what is the first thing that comes to your mind and how do you make that a makeable film come to life? A.We were we shot in Taichung, and we kind of took this abandoned airport, and we just kind of created what we needed to make, and I really thought this movie was going to be smaller than it was. It just was not. We were given a lot of help from the studio and that helped to make this movie because it was, I really feel I just feel this movie I was really supported on. So, anything that I said, we made, and it was all handled really well. Q.I know that you were born in Chile, and that Chile is now tonight celebrating your victory. What does this mean to you? A.My father was dancing last night. He is sending me good vibes, so that's worked pretty well. Chile, I mean, you know, I left Chile when I was one years old just to be kind of clear, and my mother is half Danish. She'd be a little upset if I didn't mention the Danish side as well. But she's it's, you know, it's great to be for Chile as well. It's a fantastic thing. I am glad my father is down there and he's celebrating. So I'm really happy for him. Q.Hi, Claudio. A.Oh, yes. Q.I'm Fernando from Chile actually. A.Oh, great. Q.And we actually take a lot of pride that you won tonight. A.I spoke to Pablo last night saw him today. He does great work. Q.I have to ask you, given that we have a movie nominated actually, and we have pretty good filmmaking happening right now, are you interested in perhaps working there? A.I am. I'm on two projects that are kind of going right now, and they kind of end in 2015 right now. So, I might be a little but I truly would love to go down to Chile and do something kind of small and just a little more intimate. So that is a goal I do intend for myself. Q.Congratulations on your first award. A.Oh, great. Q.The thing is you are talking about in the speech, you said Ang Lee has been like pushing you through all the process and then push you go through all kind of challenge. So, how does that feel to work on those challenges and how does that feel to work with Ang Lee? A.It's great, I mean, because you work with the director through that, you know, and this is my favorite thing is to get involved with a director that you both get kind of push each other up. And he goes this far and I go this far, and this far. And you go just even further and further. That to me is just a good sign of a cinematographer to have that kind of reaction to a director. And that's and it's not that common sometimes. Sometimes it's you just don't feel that. But for me and Ang, I felt like we both created something, and I think I saw what he was going for, and I think we delivered that. Q.Claudio. A.Yes. Q.After the controversy of Rhythm & Hues today and the [inaudible] going on, could you talk about the state of the visual effects, and in particular the people that you were working with, the LIFE OF PI people? A.It is really hard. I work with also Digital Domain who is also going through hard times as well. And Digital Domain did the CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, which I was nominated for as well. And then they go through hard times at Rhythm & Hues. I mean, I would hope that we could really support our VFX companies so they are not just right on the hairy edge of profit. Because these guys did an amazing job on PI; that tiger looks amazing and I really feel we should support those people a little bit more if we can. Q.When you came through the line, on the sign that mentioned your name was your daughter and your wife. A.Yes. Q.And also they came with you. What do you think this means to them, and what are you going to say to your daughter? A.Oh, my daughter, she's awesome. She's probably jumping around right now. I wish I could give her a big hug right now, but, you know, she's I have to kind of restrain myself because I don't really try to get too excited. Because I think it would just make me nervous and just a little bit of a problem, so I just try to kind of keep calm and don't really [inaudible] on thinking about what's going to happen or don't, but they just take it off to a crazy land. They just go nuts. They are dancing on chairs, kicking me. So, they're a lot of fun, actually. So, they are their initial reaction was a lot more excited than I was. I'm just like, okay, here we go here. Q.Quite often the ASC award is a pre [inaudible] win for the cinematography award for the Oscars. Roger Deakins won and tonight you are winning. You seemed completely caught off guard when you went up to the podium. What was going through your mind? Were you very surprised? A.You might yeah. You probably get that from me. I am always a little bit when I make speeches, probably a little bit caught off guard anyway. I don't know how to really I am not a great speaker so I kind of just I go from the heart. I have kind of I can't I tried to read a speech the other night, and I actually couldn't get through the words so I just threw it away. A lot of what comes at me is just what I feel at the time. So, I was caught off guard. I did think Roger was probably the next in line. And I actually kind of thought he would have got it, but, you know, I did get the BAFTA so there's always a little bit of chance it's possible, maybe, it's just a different movie, you know.


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