Backstage Interview | 85th Academy Awards

Animated Feature Film

CATEGORY: Animated Feature Film
INTERVIEW WITH: Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman
FILM: "Brave"


Q. You wrote in the New York Times earlier this year that you were devastated when you were taken off of this film, and I was wondering if this win now makes good for everything you've been through?

A. (Brenda Chapman) Absolutely. Yeah. It just really is. It says a lot for me. So, thank you.

Q. Brenda, it didn't end up the way it started out, but it was very ambitious and complicated and wonderful and brave story, and, Mark, you came in and helped out, and the two of you created a synergy that maybe is unexpected. Talk about that.
A. (Mark Andrews) Wow. That's interesting. I think a magic in animation and filmmaking is how much of a collaborative process it is, where either if you're working side by side together the whole time or if it was like BRAVE where there was one director and then another director, you know. The thing that I loved about Brenda's story was the thing that everybody loved about Brenda's story, and I wanted to honor that when I came on board for my part of it, so.
A. (Brenda Chapman) Which I feel very much he did. And, you know, I told Mark when he when he, you know, stepped in that I was very happy that it was him who took my place because I know he has a daughter with two sons and I
A. (Mark Andrews) Three.
A. (Brenda Chapman) Three sons.
A. (Mark Andrews) Three.
A. (Brenda Chapman) And I knew he would understand, but also he has a love of Scotland, as well. I wasn't sure about his fairytale sensibility, but it's not a real fairytale anyway.

Q. Congratulations.
A. (Mark Andrews) Thank you.

Q. I see you're wearing your lucky kilt.
A. (Mark Andrews) that's it, Dun Broch Tartan.

Q. Yeah, can you talk about this journey were you expecting this?
A. (Mark Andrews) absolutely not. Getting the nominations for BRAVE has been a very exciting ride and I think has paid off for the both of us, just that journey of making a movie. I mean making these things is a struggle. You know, it's a battle. It's a war. So to have the recognition not just from the Academy but from all the different organizations for your work on BRAVE has just been a remarkable and thrilling surprise. So, we're evened out.
A. (Brenda Chapman) Yeah.

Q. Hey, Mark, congratulations. So what's next for you? What are you working on? Any current projects or coming projects?
A. (Mark Andrews) Yes.

Q. And?
A. (Mark Andrews) Yes. I'm in development working on the next thing, and like Brenda, we want to stay busy making films because we're story tellers, and that's what we've got to be doing. So the more the better, the sooner the better. So just staying busy. I can't tell you what it is. It's a secret.

Q. Wonderful movie. I loved it. My daughter did, as well.
A. (Brenda Chapman) Thank you.

Q. Who are you most excited about seeing tonight?
A. (Brenda Chapman) George Clooney.
A. (Mark Andrews) George Clooney. No, no, not really. No, George is cool. Anybody. I mean, I know Russell Crowe's in the house, and he's a very intimidating fellow. So I like to stand up face to face with Russell Crowe.

Q. Hey, congratulations. Linda with the Red Carpet Record. Could you talk about your creative process and how long it took to create BRAVE?
A. (Mark Andrews) Good one.
A. (Brenda Chapman) Well, the firm took actually eight years from begin to go end, and I can talk about the beginning of it. Mark can talk about the end of it. But it took a lot. I was a year in a room all by myself writing and coming up with the basic story plot, but then you start bringing on the people who start looking at the look of the picture and help with the story, and you keep working and re working the story, but you start bringing on people who start being able to build it. And then Mark.
A. (Mark Andrews) So once everything's kind of built you put it all together, and you start shooting it, and you've got your voice talent and then your other actors, your animators, putting together these performances, and, I mean, it's this huge organic process. And it's a fragile, delicate process on every step of the way. And there's a lot of plates to spin, and by the end if you just stick with it and you're passionate about it, hopefully, by the end you have something that's really special, and I think in BRAVE's case I think we managed to pull that off.


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