Backstage Interview | 85th Academy Awards

Actress in a Leading Role

CATEGORY: Lead Actress
INTERVIEW WITH: Jennifer Lawrence


A.This isn't like an auction, right? You guys aren't going to take it away? Q.Jennifer, congratulations. What do you think this means to people who are suffering from brain disease that's like bipolar? A.I don't think that we're going to stop until we get rid of the stigma for mental illness. I know David won't, and I hope that this helps. It's just so it's so bizarre how in this world you have to if you have asthma, you take asthma medicine; if you have diabetes, you take diabetes medicine. If you have to take medication for your mind, there's such a stigma behind it. Q.Yes. You look so great today. Great dress. What was the process of getting ready? How many people helped you? Very happy for you. A.I'm just cross eyed. Q.How many people helped you? What was the process today to get to the big moment? A.The process today was so stressful. I felt like Steve Martin in FATHER OF THE BRIDE watching my house just be torn apart, and my whole family was getting ready. And it was I mean, my friends stopped by. It was kind of fun, but it was mostly chaotic, yeah. Oh, what was the process? I don't know. I just woke up and tried on a dress, and it fit, thank God, and then I took a shower and... I don't know what I was that's what I did. And then I got my hair and makeup done, and then I came to the Oscars. I'm sorry. I did a shot before I...sorry. Jesus. Q.Hi, congratulations. The fall on the way up to the stage, was that on purpose? A.Absolutely. Q.What was the fall? What happened? A.What do you mean what happened? Look at my dress. I tried to walk up stairs in this dress. That's what happened. I don't actually I think I just stepped on the fabric and they waxed the stairs. Q.Hi, Jennifer. Congratulations. A.Thank you. Q.What was going through your mind when you first fell? A.What went through my mind when I fell down? A bad word that I can't say that starts with "F." Q.At 22 years old, you've got your first Oscar, and you've already had two nominations. It's awfully young to have so much success so far. Do you feel that it's a good thing that it's coming so early in the career? A.I hope so. Yeah. I mean, I who knows. I guess we'll see. Q.You are not worried about peaking too soon? A.Well, now I am. I feel like you're picking people to make fun of me. MODERATOR: I'm really not. Q.Hi, Jennifer. Congratulations. A.Thank you. Q.Aside from the statue, of course, what has been different than two years ago when you were nominated when you were preparing for this date? A.Preparing for the day? Well, I didn't eat today because I was so stressed and then I was starving in the car ride over, and that sucked. But I don't know. Well, I was I think I was well, I was less nervous because I had been through it before, and I know more people. I mean, last year or last time, I was brand new to the industry, and I was and I didn't know anybody. So, I would always go to these things and I see all these people like hugging, and like, "Oh, my God, John, how are you?" And I am just like er er er. And so, I know more people, and that makes it a lot less awkward. Q.Hi, Jennifer. What did you think of Seth's performance hosting? Did you like the boob song? A.I did. I loved the boob song. I thought he was great, I thought he was hilarious. Q.Great. Thank you so much and congratulations. A.Thank you.


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