Backstage Interview | 84th Academy Awards

Music (Original Score)

CATEGORY: Music (Original Score)
INTERVIEW WITH: Ludovic Bource
FILM: "The Artist"


[Note: Some portions of Q&A were translated by an interpreter.]

Q. Actually, I'll do it in French. [Speaks in French]
A. It's unbelievable for me.

Q. [Speaks in French]
A. So he said he's he's incredibly impressed to be here and the first prize he ever got for THE ARTIST was at the EFA awards, the European Film Awards, and the statue is a woman and so his little boy said, Papa, you need to bring me the man, the Oscar, so that they can kiss each other.

Q. [Speaks in French] It was very moving tonight, your speech, because you said at one point, Well, actually I would like that people accept me here in Hollywood. Why, because I have so much love to give. Can you please explain to us, because I know that actually to make it here in Hollywood you have to love and even be in love.
A. All of the work I did on THE ARTIST was a declaration of love to American culture, American cinema.

Q. [Speaks in French] Congratulations.
A. Thank you so much.

Q. [Unintelligible]is a tribute to the American composer. [Unintelligible] the next step for you is in Hollywood.
A. If Hollywood accepts me, it's my dream to be here. So yes, I would love to give you my love and be part of Hollywood now.

Q. Hi. This is a silent film, and I just wondered for you, the music plays so much a part of this. Do you feel like this was a character in the film?
A. Yes. Music is it's a character in the movie and it's a unique language and I'm so honored to have been able to have made this movie thanks to Michel Hazanavicius.


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