Backstage Interview | 84th Academy Awards

Short Film (Live Action)

CATEGORY: Short Film (Live Action)
INTERVIEW WITH: Terry George and Oorlagh George
FILM: "The Shore"


Q. Congratulations to the two of you. And Terry, I just want to ask you first in your acceptance speech, you said you wanted to dedicate this to the people of northern Ireland. And I wanted to ask you to reflect on the time that you wrote IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, would it have been possible to write a film like this then? And also, Oorlagh, I'd like you to talk about working with your father and the challenges of making this movie.
A. [Terry George] Well, this is sort of the bookend of three movies that Jim Sheridan and I did. This is the book end of IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, SOME MOTHER'S SON, THE BOXER and now the peace has taken hold, and this little film is about reconciliation, peace and people coming together. So for me it's the book end of that situation.
The winner is? Hold on. Surprise, surprise. So Oorlagh.
A. [Oorlagh George] It was a wonderful experience. The biggest challenge we had was that we shot in a the bay and twice a day we all picked up the camera equipment and ran in and out so Ciaran Hinds and all of our actors, Conleth Hill, were literally grabbing camera gear and running. And like my dad said, we just wanted to tell one of the little stories of personal reconciliation that goes along with the national reconciliation. So it was a thrill this [unintelligible] movie coming full circle.

Q. Hi.
A. Hello.

Q. I actually was one of the producers for GOD OF LOVE that won this category last year.
A. [Oorlagh George] Oh, yeah.

Q. So my question for guys is are you ready for the ride of your life starting tonight?
A. [Terry George] I actually thought it had happened already, but I'll take your word for it.

Q. You should take those and get them developed.
A. [Terry George] I'm going fishing tomorrow.

Q. Well, party tonight. Congratulations.
A. [Terry George] Thank you.
A. [Oorlagh George] Thank you.

Q. I wondered how you plan to celebrate when you get home with family and friends? What message would you like to send to them right now?
A. [Terry George] Well, I'm going to go back to the little village where we shot this. Already tonight they had an Oscar party at a place called The Anchor Bar, so I'm going to return with the prize, and then hopefully use it to promote, not just the peace process in northern Ireland, but tourism and everything that's going on there. So I hope that this is just a reaffirmation that things have changed there and that we're trying to move on and it's a great place to be.

Q. Thank you.


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