Backstage Interview | 84th Academy Awards

Short Film (Animated)

CATEGORY: Short Film (Animated)
INTERVIEW WITH: William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg
FILM: "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore"


A. (WILLIAM JOYCE) Cheer up, guys.

Q. Bill and Brandon, congratulations.
A. (BRANDON OLDENBURG) Where are you?

Q. To your right. Talk about what this now means for Moonbot and Louisiana.
A. (WILLIAM JOYCE) I think an atomic joy bomb has just exploded in the northern part of Louisiana and the radioactivity will be of a very instructive and constructive type.
A. (BRANDON OLDENBURG) And on top of that our short was to serve two purposes. One, to tell a great story, two, to serve as a calling card for our company, Moonbot Studios. And the whole point was to just try to get the world to recognize what we're capable of in Shreveport, Louisiana, and that there's a level of quality that they can come to expect based on what this short exudes.
A. (WILLIAM JOYCE) I mean, we have 35 young employees and we're basically surrounded by bayous, and they're incredibly gifted and so from the swampy lands of Louisiana, we have crawled forth with this, and it's lovely to be recognized. And we're, I don't know, what? We're going to not sleep for a year or something, I don't know. This is really cool.
A. (BRANDON OLDENBURG) We want to do more shorts. We want to do more apps. We want to do more games. We want to do more books.

Q. (WILLIAM JOYCE) We want to do some movies.
A. (BRANDON OLDENBURG) And eventually we'll do a movie.
A. (WILLIAM JOYCE) So we just finished our first or second new short app that's out.

A. (WILLIAM JOYCE) It's a remake of METROPOLIS but for kids.
A. (WILLIAM JOYCE) German expressionism and children I think go really well together.


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