Policies and Procedures for Borrowing Prints

The Academy Film Archive is a member of the International Federation of Film Archives and abides by their internal rules regarding loan of materials to FIAF member archives (http://www.fiafnet.org/uk/members/statutes.cfm). Institutions that can demonstrate that they meet the Academy Film Archive’s basic requirements for print loans may be permitted to borrow prints from the collection for exhibition.

Our criteria for archival print loans are as follows:

  1. A completed Loan Request form should be filed no less than 4 weeks in advance of the screening date (6 weeks for international loans).
  2. First-time borrowers must submit a Venue Report for their organization prior to requesting film prints. FIAF archives need not complete a Venue Report, but should be sure to indicate their membership status in their initial request.
  3. If the requesting organization has borrowed materials from the Academy in the past, please list the loan date(s), title(s) of films most recently borrowed, and the name of any Academy staff member(s) with whom previous print loan arrangements were made. Previous borrowers may be asked to fill out and return a Venue Report if we do not have a current (within 5 years) copy on file.
  4. Borrowers must represent or act on behalf of a film archive, festival, museum, or other cultural institution. Loans will not be made to commercial venues or through third parties.
  5. All Archive prints must be screened on multi-projector (changeover) systems. Archive prints may not be shown on platter projection systems or made up into reels over 2000’ in length.
  6. All films must be handled and screened by qualified professionals. Proof of projectionists’ qualifications may be requested before loans to new venues will be approved.
  7. Written proof of copyright clearance for all films to be screened must be obtained by the borrower and furnished with the formal loan request. The Academy will not undertake rights research or copyright clearance on borrowers’ behalf, nor will we loan prints without proof of rights clearance.
  8. Borrowers are entirely responsible for shipping and return costs, as well as insurance. Please be aware that you may be required to submit proof of insurance with your loan request.
  9. Borrowers assume full responsibility for replacement or repair of damaged, lost, or stolen prints.

The Academy will not consider requests from venues that do not comply with the above criteria. Compliance with the above restrictions does not guarantee approval of requests for print loans. The Academy reserves the right to refuse loan requests due to donor/depositor restrictions, insufficient notice, lack of copyright clearance, damage to films previously loaned, or preservation and other concerns. The Academy will also not lend prints that are available through commercial distributors or other sources, and prospective borrowers should be prepared to indicate which other sources have been consulted before they request prints from the Archive’s collection. The Academy Film Archive will limit the number of print loans of feature-length films to twenty titles a month.


Prospective borrowers should first ensure that they meet the required criteria, then submit a completed Venue Report and/or Loan Request form (available below in PDF format):

* By fax: (310) 247-3032
* By email: filmarchive@oscars.org
* By mail:
Academy Film Archive
1313 Vine Street
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Attn: Print loan requests

Download Forms

Loan Request

Venue Report

Preliminary inquiries regarding the Archive’s holdings for specific titles, or the availability of prints for screenings on specific dates, should be made with Cassie Blake, the Archive's public access coordinator by phone at (310) 247-3016 x 3380, or via the Viewing Request Form on the Archive’s web site. In order to ensure a complete and speedy response to inquiries, please indicate the exact title(s) and release date for film(s) requested, screening date(s), and preferred film gauge or video format for screening.

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