Licensing materials from the Academy Film Archive

In some circumstances, the Archive may be able to make collection materials available for licensing or reuse in new projects. Procedures for requesting and licensing materials are outlined below. Please note the Archive reserves the right to refuse to duplicate any collection material because of preservation concerns, copyright restrictions, or other considerations.


  • You must first make an informal inquiry to the Archive to find out if the material is available. If you are or will be in Los Angeles, you may make an appointment for on-site viewing.

Duplication Request

  • If the material is available, you must then make a duplication request in writing with the following information:
    • Title of the item
    • Nature of your project
    • Reason for your interest in the item
    • If the Archive does not own the rights to the material, and you have already obtained permission from the rightsholder, include that written clearance from the rightsholder for the Archive to share the footage.
  • If the Archive accepts the request, you will be sent an invoice for the standard access fee of $125 per item. If the Archive does not own a video master of the material, you may pay for a telecine transfer to be done at an approved lab. The standard access fee of $125 per item is nonrefundable and does not apply to materials transferred at your expense.
  • Telecine masters will remain the property of the Archive. The Archive will release materials directly to and from the designated lab, but all lab charges will be billed directly to you. The Archive will not reimburse those lab charges in the event that you elect not to use the footage.
  • When access fee is paid (or the telecine transfer is complete), the Archive will provide you with an access copy with visible timecode. All access copies remain the property of the Academy Film Archive and must be returned after use.

Licensing Request

  • If you wish to license material, you must make a license request in writing with the following information:
    • Title of the item, collection ID number and reel/tape number
    • Timecode in and out points, with a description of each shot
    • Clearance from the rightsholder allowing the Archive to share broadcast-quality footage with you, or if Academy owns the rights, the form of license you are requesting
    • Distribution plans
    • Desired format
    • Deadline for the material
  • The Archive will then review your request, and if approved, a broadcast-quality tape will be provided to you in the format of your choice. Licensing rates will be discussed when you submit your request.
  • If the licensed footage is used in a project, you must provide the Archive with a DVD copy of the project upon its completion.

The Archive will provide the best image quality possible for each piece of film or video segment. However, image quality may vary depending upon the condition of the source material.

The Archive will process requests for licensing and duplication approximately 3 to 5 weeks from the date of receipt. Rush services are not available.

Contact Information

Inquiries and requests must be made in writing to:

May Haduong, Public Access Manager
Academy Film Archive
1313 Vine Street
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Fax: (310) 247-3032

If mailed, envelopes should be clearly marked “Licensing Request.”

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