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Behind The Scenes of “Saturday Night Fever”

Not many hit movies can totally define an entire dance movement, but that's exactly the status held by today's entry in Dancing in the Movies, the 1977 classic "Saturday Night Fever." In these rare behind-the-scenes photos from the Margaret Herrick Library, we have a unique look at star John Travolta and the cast and crew both preparing and performing the dance numbers that would change the world.

This story of Brooklyn boy Tony Manero and his dreams of making it big turned into a pop culture sensation, spawning a disco craze that lasted until the '80s. Originally it was supposed to be directed by John G. Avildsen, who had just won Best Director for "Rocky." However, producer Robert Stigwood replaced him with John Badham, who went on to direct "Blue Thunder," "Short Circuit" and "Stakeout." In this photo, Badham demonstrates a dance move with Travolta and costar Karen Lynn Gorney:

Also in rehearsals, Travolta and his cast members can be seen getting ready for their big numbers in the film:

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Despite the amount of dancing in the film, very little of it was planned out beforehand in the screenplay. Here's one of the few examples from the original script of a dance sequence specifically written beforehand:

The 2001 Odyssey disco seen in the film was a real place in Brooklyn, though it's no longer open. Here Travolta, Badham and company shoot their scenes in the famous club and have a blast coming up with moves that would be imitated by millions:

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What's your favorite moment in “Saturday Night Fever?”

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