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Oscar Madness

What Could Have Been week continues today with a look at how different the cast might have been for one of the most beloved film franchises ever.

A long time ago in a casting office not so far away (Hollywood in 1975, actually), director George Lucas searched for fresh new talent to star in his science-fiction epic, “Star Wars.”  Since director Brian De Palma was casting a film of his own at the time - the Stephen King adaptation "Carrie" - they decided to audition actors together and determine which ones would work best for each of their respective films.

As a result, plenty of now-recognizable faces were up for the roles of Princess Leia and Han Solo. Here's a look at what those casting sheets might have looked like back then and some of the actors that ALMOST brought these iconic characters to life.

Princess Leia
Han Solo

How would you cast the original "Star Wars" with actors today? Tell us in the comments below:

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