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Oscar's Passport

Take a Trip Around the World with Oscar

It begins on the Oscar stage. But the impact of the Academy Awards is felt around the world – just like the impact of film itself. 

Take a journey through Academy Award history and around the globe with videos, rare photos and more featuring the honorees, films and extraordinary artwork that has made Oscar such a distinguished world traveler.


Happy Holidays from Hollywood

Happy Holidays

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with galleries highlighting memorable holiday movies and scenes, plus special, rarely seen season's greetings from Hollywood's classic stars.

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Drawn to the Movies

Drawn to the Movies

Filled with unforgettable characters and settings, animation has been a part of our cinematic heritage practically since the birth of movies.

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A Legacy of Horror

The Legacy of Horror Films

Come along for a haunting look at the films that continue to make viewers afraid of things that go bump in the night.

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Read the Book,
See the Movie

Read the Book, See the Movie

Novels and films have many things in common: vivid characters, exciting stories, unforgettable locations, and immortal dialogue.

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Malcolm McDowell:
His Life and Career

Malcolm McDowell

An intelligent and compelling force on the screen, Malcolm McDowell established his career as an actor playing rebellious youths for two of the world's great directors, Lindsay Anderson and Stanley Kubrick.

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Out of This World!
1950's Sci-Fi Classics


The golden age of '50s sci-fi returns with this three-part tribute including amazing vintage poster art, behind the scenes stills, and a look at the making of "Forbidden Planet."

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¡Saludos! Latin America and Hollywood


From setting stories in exotic locales to featuring musical interludes with Latin American performers, the industry enthusiastically assumed the task of presenting a more prominent and positive image of Latin American countries and their citizens in Hollywood films.

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Explore The War Film Collection

Memphis Belle

The War Film Collection encompasses films, photos and significant documents from the World War II era and spotlights the Academy and Hollywood's involvement in the war effort.

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Sophia Loren:
Her Life and Career

Sophia Loren

One of the world's most iconic movie stars, Sophia Loren has built a formidable acting career, effortlessly moving back and forth between major Hollywood films and Italian-based productions.

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The Making of Great Movie Musicals

Movie Musicals

This four-part online series explores the progression of movie musicals from the early talkies through the Golden Age and into the modern era. Our guided tour examines the films and creative artists who gave generations of film lovers countless magical musical movie moments.

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