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Drawn to the Movies

Animation Techniques

Whether drawn with a pencil, sculpted by hand, or rendered in a computer, animation is a cornerstone of modern moviemaking, and its versatility allows animation to transcend the boundaries of traditional "cartoons." Filmmakers can make animation interact with live action, combine digital and hand-drawn creations in one movie, and deliver sights and sounds never before experienced. Utilized over months, or even years, the techniques of artists, voice performers, editors, composers, and other talents are drawn together to create the illusion of life one frame at a time.

  • Andreas Deja, Dave Bossert, Theo Gluck and host Leonard Maltin speak about the art, technology and restoration of Disney films at the Academy's screening of "Sleeping Beauty" in July 2008. Watch Video
  • Director Henry Selick discusses the creation of 3D animation for his film "Coraline" at the Academy's Animated Feature Symposium in March 2010. Watch Video
  • Voice artists Bob Peterson (Dug in "Up") and June Foray (the Looney Tunes series) discuss their craft at the Academy's "Voices of Character" event in August 2010. Watch Video
  • Composers Bruce Broughton and Michael Giacchino and director Pete Docter analyze music composition for animated shorts at the Academy's "What's Opera, Doc?" event in May 2010. Watch Video
  • Production designer Harley Jessup ("Ratatouille") speaks about the influence of "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" at the Academy's "Evolution or Revolution? Production Design in the 21st Century" series in April 2011. Watch Video
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