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Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA

From Latin America to Hollywood: Latino Film Culture in Los Angeles 1967-2017

The Getty Foundation has awarded the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences a $100,000 grant to undertake research for a film series, symposium, and a publication to explore the work and shared influences of Latino and Latin American filmmakers in Los Angeles as part of Pacific Standard Time Presents: LA/LA.


From the 1960s to the present, multiple generations of L.A. filmmakers were inspired by early Latin American cinema, and an exchange of ideas took place among filmmakers in Latin American countries and the Latin American diaspora. Areas of inquiry will include the Chicano film movement, which responded to stereotyped portrayals in Hollywood films and the lack of Latino participation in the industry, and the recent achievements of Latino and Latin American filmmakers, whose work has seen worldwide artistic and commercial success.

The Academy will conduct oral histories with notable filmmakers and ultimately present a film series pairing contemporary films with their earlier influences. From Latin America to Hollywood: Latino Film Culture in Los Angeles 1967-2017 is curated by Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker and guest curator Lourdes Portillo with Ellen Harrington, Director, Exhibitions and Collections, Academy Museum.


Scheduled to open in September 2017, Pacific Standard Time Presents: LA/LA will present 46 exhibitions and events from San Diego to Santa Barbara, with additional exhibitions and programs still to be confirmed. Through a series of thematically linked exhibitions, LA/LA aims to take a fresh look at vital and vibrant traditions in Latino and Latin America art. Using the collaborative approach that characterized the original Pacific Standard Time, LA/LA will encompass dozens of organizations across Southern California in partnership with colleagues and institutions across Latin America.

While the exhibitions and publications will focus on the visual arts, Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA programs will ultimately expand to touch on music, performance, literature, and even cuisine. The Getty and planning partners LACMA, MOCA, Chicano Studies Research Center at UCLA and Hammer Museum, and programming partners LA Phil and The Music Center are joining to create a multifaceted event—artistic, cultural, scholarly, diplomatic, civic, and festive—that also will leave a lasting legacy of artistic scholarship.


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