Crew Call 2011: Celebrating the Crafts

Images from The Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers

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The Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers returned to the Academy’s Grand Lobby Gallery with a show of more than 115 new images, taken on film sets by 25 of their members. The Society’s previous exhibition, “Take 2,” was on display at the Academy in 2005.

The exhibition included photographs depicting the work of numerous, and essential, 'below-the-line' craftspeople on a movie set, from animal wranglers, puppeteers, makeup artists, seamstresses, stunt performers and prop masters to grips, gaffers and P.A.s. Several images showed how production design and visual effects departments work preparing sets and staging action sequences, and provided glimpses of how the magic of the movies is achieved during long days and nights of shooting.

Exhibiting photographers included Karen Ballard, Claudette Barius, Ron Batzdorff, Phil Bray, Andrew Cooper, Fran├žois Duhamel, Sam Emerson, Anthony Friedkin, Melinda Sue Gordon, Brian Hamill, Suzanne Hanover, Kerry Hayes, David James, Douglas Kirkland, Rolf Konow, Jay Maidment, Frank Masi, Melissa Moseley, Macall Polay, Andrew Schwartz, David Strick, Suzanne Tenner, Jaimie Trueblood, Merie Weismiller Wallace and Barry Wetcher.

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September 9 - December 18, 2011
The Academy Grand Lobby Gallery
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