Watching Abstraction in Hollywood: The Work of Pat O’Neill

Triumph of Flattery, 1998. Digital Composite, Inkjet print on paper. Watching Abstraction in Los Angeles, 2003. Digital composite. Snake is on the Right, 2003. Punch Me, 1984.

Since the early 1960s, experimental filmmaker and optical effects artist Pat O’Neill has created a varied body of work with a unique artistic perspective. O’Neill expanded the boundaries of avant garde film by combining found footage, abstract materials and his own cinematography. His work made extensive use of the optical printer, time lapse, motion control, and other techniques to interweave those materials into montages of unusual complexity.

O’Neill’s work as both an artist and a filmmaker was on display in the foyer of the Linwood Dunn Theater through May 22. Excerpts from a selection of his film shorts were available for viewing, as well as artwork related to his films. The display spanned several decades of his work and illustrates the technical processes he has used throughout his professional career, notably his layering work using the optical printer.

Images courtesy of Pat O’Neill.

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Viewing Information

April 21 – May 22

Linwood Dunn Theater foyer
Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study
1313 Vine Street
Hollywood, California 90028
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