Earning four Animated Short Film nominations and Oscars® for “Crac” (1981) and “The Man Who Planted Trees” (1987), the unique hand-crafted films that Frédéric Back created with colored pencils on frosted cels not only reflect the work of a gifted artist, but also one with a lifelong passion for the natural world and a strong commitment to environmental issues.

This exhibition showcased drawings that Back produced for his animated films as well as some of the thousands of concept sketches, notebook sketches, illustrations and landscapes that he generated throughout his career. Photographs, correspondence and travel diaries offered additional insight into the man behind the films.

“Frédéric Back: A Life's Drawings” was presented with the support of Pixar Animation Studio, Autodesk, the Governments of Québec and Canada the Canadian Consulate General, SIGGRAPH and Société Radio-Canada.

Frederic Back

Frédéric Back

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