George Stevens Lecture

Michael Stevens and Cari Beauchamp

The George Stevens Lecture was established by the Academy in 1981 as a means of drawing attention to the collection of Stevens’ personal papers gifted to the Margaret Herrick Library by George Stevens Jr.

It is the only lecture that is now about aspects of the career of a single individual. Richard Jewell, assistant professor of cinema at USC, delivered the inaugural lecture on September 14, 1981. The lecture concluded with a screening of “A Place in the Sun” in its entirety. Subsequent lectures have generally followed the same format.

It was Stevens Jr.’s intention that the lectures would provoke reexamination of the Stevens oeuvre, and more specifically encourage serious students to burrow into the collection of papers in the Herrick Library.

More About George Stevens

George Stevens was the recipient of nine Academy Award nominations and two Oscars for directing, and he was awarded the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award in 1953. Stevens was a longtime member of the Academy’s Board of Governors and served as the organization’s 14th president. He started in the film business in 1921 as an assistant cameraman, joining Hal Roach in 1927 as cameraman on Laurel and Hardy shorts. His first major success was “Alice Adams,” starring Katharine Hepburn. Among his films were “Gunga Din,” “I Remember Mama,” “A Place in the Sun,” “Shane,” “Giant,” “The Diary of Anne Frank,” and “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” Stevens died in 1975.

George Stevens Lectures

  • Shane, 2013
    With an introduction by James Mangold
  • Swing Time, 2010
    With an introduction by David Steinberg
  • “Gunga Din” – How Did They Do That?, 2009
    With sound designer Ben Burtt and visual effects artist Craig Barron
  • “The More the Merrier,” 2008
    With an introduction by Academy Film Scholar Cari Beauchamp
  • “Diary of Anne Frank,” 2006
    With Millie Perkins, Diane Baker and Nina Foch (Los Angeles) and Millie Perkins, Diane Baker and Richard Beymer (New York)
  • 50th Anniversary of “Giant,” 2005
    With Jane Withers, Earl Holliman, Noreen Nash and William Bast
  • “Diary of Anne Frank” (San Rafael), 2004
    With Millie Perkins, Diane Baker
  • George Stevens Centennial Tribute, 2004
    Hosted by Warren Beatty, with Larry Gelbart, David Mamet, Michael Mann, Sidney Poitier, Steven Spielberg, George Stevens Jr. and Michael Stevens
  • Dr. Michael Berenbaum/Road Show Restoration of Anne Frank, 2003
    With Millie Perkins, Diane Baker and Richard Beymer
  • John Landis, 1997
  • 40th Anniversary Screening of “Giant,” 1996
  • Douglas Day Stewart, 1995
  • Robert Sklar, 1993
  • Ron Haver, 1991
  • Tom Schatz, 1990
  • Tony Thomas, 1989
  • Gene Phillips, 1987
  • Rudy Behlmer, 1986
  • Premiere screening of “George Stevens: A Filmmaker’s Journey,” 1985
  • Mark Rydell, 1984
  • Robert Benton, 1982
  • Richard Jewell, 1981
George Stevens

George Stevens

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