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China Onscreen Biennial

Presented with the UCLA Confucius Institute

The Academy is proud to participate in the first China Onscreen Biennial (COB), launched by the UCLA Confucius Institute.

In scope and design, the COB is an unprecedented four-week bicoastal collaboration among American cultural organizations to promote U.S.-China dialogue through the art of film. The COB will look at both the present and past of Mainland Chinese cinema, bringing some of the best examples of contemporary Chinese filmmaking, as well as archival rarities and film restorations, to American audiences.

The China Onscreen Biennial (COB) is presented in Los Angeles October 13–31 by the UCLA Confucius Institute, in partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the UCLA Film & Television Archive, Film at REDCAT and Pomona College. For more information and a complete lineup, please visit

As part of the Biennial program, the Academy presented the West Coast premiere of a Chinese animated classic, now in 3D!

A beloved classic of Chinese animation, Wan Laiming and Tang Cheng's 1960s animated feature returns to theaters after a painstaking and dazzling 3D makeover led by experts at Los Angeles-based Technicolor. One of the most famous characters in Chinese mythology, the mischievous Monkey King leaves chaos in his wake from the Dragon King’s palace to the heavenly halls of the Celestial Emperor. Set to a blended Beijing opera-orchestral soundtrack, the film casts an enchanting spell.

3D DCP, color, Putonghua with English subtitles, 92 minutes.

Preceded by a presentation on "The Monkey King's" digital restoration and 3D conversion by Tom Burton and Pierre Routhier of Technicolor.  

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Event Information

October 17, 2012
Linwood Dunn Theater
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