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An Academy Salute to John Hubley

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John Hubley
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Hosted by Academy Award-winning animator John Canemaker ("The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation"). Co-curated by filmmaker Emily Hubley.

The Academy celebrated one of animation's most innovative and influential designer-directors, John Hubley, with a special evening featuring rarely seen films and an illustrated look at his life and his art.

Hubley (1914-1977) is known primarily for two decades of film collaborations with his wife, Faith Elliott Hubley. The couple, who opened their studio in 1955, focused their animated films on such serious subject matter as the death and rebirth of the creative process, children's awareness of their place in the world, the Cold War, overpopulation and nuclear annihilation. The resulting innovative work garnered many awards, including three Oscars (for "Moonbird," "The Hole," "Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Double Feature").

Their impressive body of work was, however, a second blossoming of the career and life of John Hubley, who had already personified new directions in animation and a rebellion against traditional Disney studio style and content.

During this evening celebrating Hubley's profound and continuing impact on the art and industry of animation, Canemaker traced Hubley's early training and contemporary art influences, his art direction on "Pinocchio" and "Fantasia," his involvement with the infamous 1941 strike at the Disney studio, and his innovative designs and direction in World War II training films and at the great modernist studio UPA. Canemaker was joined onstage by one of Hubley's daughters, Emily Hubley, and Michael Sporn, who worked closely with both John and Faith.

Films shown have been generously provided by the Hubley family, the Museum of Modern Art, Sony Pictures and the Academy Film Archive.

Event Information

October 10, 2011
Academy Theater at Lighthouse International, New York City
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