Gold Standard Series: A 20th Anniversary Screening Featuring a New Print of

Thelma & Louise

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Onstage cast-and-crew reunion with actress Geena Davis,
producer Mimi Polk Gitlin and writer Callie Khouri
Hosted by film journalist Anne Thompson.

An instant critical and commercial success, "Thelma & Louise" (1991) also quickly became something much more: a flashpoint for debate and ultimately, a cultural touchstone. Upending the traditional buddy movie formula, the film depicts two blue-collar southern women whose weekend fishing trip takes a dramatic turn when one of them is the victim of an attempted rape.  

Co-stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis earned Best Actress nominations as the waitress and housewife whose uncharacteristic act of self-defense sets them on a crime spree, with doses of revenge against the sexist men they encounter accentuating their increasingly daring adventures. Their plan to escape to Mexico brings them in contact with a handsome hitchhiker (Brad Pitt, in his first major screen role), while a sympathetic detective (Harvey Keitel) tracks their journey and hopes to head off disaster for the pair. 

Screenwriter Callie Khouri won the Oscar for this, her first screenplay. Director Ridley Scott, who prior to this project was best known for such science fiction fare as "Alien" and "Blade Runner," brought both pathos and humor to this now-iconic tale and earned an Oscar nomination in the process, one of six for the picture. 

Courtesy of MGM and the Academy Film Archive. Running time: 128 minutes.

Academy Award winner: Writing – Screenplay written directly for the screen (Callie Khouri)

Academy Award nominee: Actress in a Leading Role (Geena Davis); Actress in a Leading Role (Susan Sarandon); Cinematography (Adrian Biddle); Directing (Ridley Scott); Film Editing (Thom Noble)

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