Summer of Silents:

Photoplay Award Winners of the Silent Era

Beau Gest, 1926.
Beau Gest, 1926.7th Heaven, 1927.Four Sons, 1928.

Big Screen! Live Music! Comedy Shorts! Great Price!

For silent buffs, novices or budding filmmakers, this series will provide a unique window into a lost era whose influence on the development of visual storytelling is often underappreciated.

Some of the great classics of the silent film era will be returning to the big screen for which they were originally designed when the Academy presents the films chosen as recipients of the Photoplay Magazine Medal of Honor. With thousands of readers sending in their votes, this award predated the establishment of the Oscars and reflects the films that contemporary audiences of the 1920s thought were the best films of each year.  Today these films tell the story of the American film industry’s first true Golden Age, and offer now overshadowed work by some of Hollywood’s most influential directors and performers.

The nine evenings will feature the best available prints, music performed and composed by a variety of accompanists specializing in the period, a comedy short featuring a different silent screen comedian each week, and surviving fragments of lost films from the era, introduced by film historians including recent Honorary Award recipient Kevin Brownlow. 

Check back for updated information on shorts, guests, and other surprises.

Click film titles for more information and images.

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Event Information

Monday evenings, June 13 to August 8.

Comedy shorts and rare fragments at 7 p.m., feature presentation at 7:30 p.m.
Samuel Goldwyn Theater
8949 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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