3D Rarities: From 1900 and Beyond

3D Rarities

Presented by film historian and archivist Serge Bromberg of Lobster Films, Paris

Attempts at three-dimensional motion picture presentation began almost with the invention of movies themselves.

It’s a common motion picture legend that the Lumière brothers’ first films such as “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat” (1896) had audiences fleeing from their chairs as the train approached the station, threatening to run directly off the screen into the auditorium. Few know, however, that the Lumière brothers re-shot the arrival of a train in 3D, and organized a technically improved screening of it and other 3D shorts in 1935.

Serge Bromberg, an internationally recognized film historian, presented this and other rarities by Georges Méliès, Norman McLaren, Charley Bowers and the Disney Studios in the 3D edition of his “Retour de Flamme (Saved from the Flames)” show which highlights archival rediscoveries and features his own commentary and live piano accompaniment.

Images © Lobster Films

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