Costume Design in the Digital Age

In conjunction with the exhibition “Dressed in Color: The Costumes” the Academy’s Science and Technology Council presents “Costume Design in the Digital Age”

Hosted by costume designer and historian Dr. Deborah Nadoolman Landis and visual effects supervisor and cinematographer Bill Taylor.

“The designer must use almost mathematical precision in selecting the exact color, design and fabric and in figuring out the reaction of the studio lights upon them.  His job also entails the proper blending of the costumes with the background so there will be no jarring note between the two.” – Charles LeMaire, costume designer (1897–1985)

Costume designers have historically factored technical elements into their design process, but advancements in digital cinema are both challenging their art and enabling them to push the limits of their creativity. 

A digital camera and a film camera can capture the same costume in very different and sometimes unexpected ways; color is the most important difference, but it is just one issue.  Hosted by Oscar®-nominated costume designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis, Ph.D., and Academy governor Bill Taylor, “Costume Design in the Digital Age” discussed and demonstrated how creative artists address these new issues, along with the classic considerations of character, environment, construction, texture, and movement and flow.

The program featured a panel of costume designers, who discussed the challenges of designing for digital technology, and where costume design may be headed. Panelists included Oscar nominee Jeffrey Kurland (“Hidalgo,” “Collateral,” “Bullets over Broadway”), Ellen Mirojnick (“Chaplin,” “Unfaithful,” “Cloverfield”), Oscar nominee Ruth Myers (“The Addams Family,” “Emma,” “The Golden Compass”) and Michael Wilkinson (“300,” “Rendition,” “Babel”), along with cinematographer Daryn Okada (“Just Like Heaven,” “Mean Girls,” “Baby Mama”) and color scientist Joshua Pines (“Titanic,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “The Aviator”), Vice President of Imaging Research and Development, Technicolor Digital Intermediates, and recipient of the Academy’s Technical Achievement Award.

Event Information

Friday, April 24, at 8 p.m.
Linwood Dunn Theater
1313 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA 90028
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