Visual Effects: Welcome

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Dear Educator:

Curriculum specialists Young Minds Inspired (YMI), in cooperation with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is proud to present this newest addition to our series of study guides that focus on different branches of the Academy. In this guide, students will learn about the subject of visual effects. The kits have been designed for students in English, language arts, visual arts, science and communications classes. As former teachers, we know that these critical-thinking activities capitalize on students’ natural interest in current films and the excitement generated by the Academy Awards®.

The Academy, organized in 1927, is a professional honorary organization composed of more than 6,000 motion picture craftsmen and women. Its purposes include advancing the art and science of motion pictures; promoting cooperation among creative leaders for cultural, educational, and technological progress; recognizing outstanding achievements; and fostering educational activities between the professional community and the public. Academy members are the people who create movies—the cream of the industry’s actors, animators, art directors, cinematographers, costume designers, directors, film editors, documentarians, makeup artists, composers, producers, sound and visual effects experts, writers and other contributors.

Please share this material with other educators. Although the material is copyrighted, you may make as many photocopies as necessary to meet your needs.

To ensure that you receive future mailings, please contact Randy Haberkamp at Also, feel free to e-mail us at to comment about the program at any time. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Roberta Nusim
Publisher and former teacher

Target Audience

This program has been designed for students in secondary school English, language arts, visual arts, science and communications courses.

Program Objectives

  1. To enhance student interest in and knowledge about the motion picture development and production process
  2. To encourage students to use critical thinking as they learn how visual effects work
  3. To engage students in an exploration of film as an art form and a medium of communication
  4. To help students become more media literate
Visual Effects: Seeing is Believing

PDF Downloads

Complete Visual Effects Activities Guide (PDF)

Activity 1: Visual Effects Beginnings

Activity 2: Physical Effects

Activity 3: Computer-Generated Effects

Activity 4: Visual Effects in Non-Effects Movies

Bonus Material Related to the 79th Annual Academy Awards Poster

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