Cinematography: Activity 4

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Learning from the Best

Each year, the film industry produces an array of outstanding new releases. Some are especially appropriate for families, some are appealing to teens, and some are geared toward adult audiences. If you or the parents of your students feel that some, or even all, of this year's nominees might be inappropriate for viewing by young people, you can modify this activity in several ways. Students can locate reviews in newspapers and magazines, compare what the critics have to say, and try to predict which of the year's films will be honored for the strength of their cinematography. They can view Academy Award nominees and Academy Award-winning films from past years to complete the exercises. A list of past nominees and winners appears at the beginning of this teacher's guide.

Animation: Creating Movement Frame by Frame

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Activity 1: Angling the Camera

Activity 2: Lighting the Scene

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Activity 4: Learning from the Best

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