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Cuba 2011
Cuba 2011East Africa Outreach

Throughout the globe, the Academy seeks to inspire local filmmaking communities by sharing the expertise of its professional filmmaker members, who are recognized as leaders in their crafts, as well as fostering an appreciation of each culture’s unique stories. Local partners are engaged and long-term relationships forged, with the goal of supporting the ability of local filmmakers to share their vision, while enhancing their technical capabilities and their sense of themselves as artists.


A customized program is developed for each outreach trip, designed to create opportunities for cultural dialogue specific to each partner country’s filmmaking conditions and challenges. Academy members from diverse crafts such as screenwriting, directing, cinematography, producing, sound, production design, acting, editing and documentary filmmaking participate in a dialogue with local film professionals, students and community members, sharing their movies and stories with one another.

Sarajevo Outreach: July, 2012



The Academy arranged for five filmmakers to take a virtual trip across the globe to the Sarajevo Talent Campus for an innovative video conference. Appropriately, the topic was the evolving reality of motion picture production, which is well suited to the modern means of bringing together people thousands of miles apart to discuss the future of cinema as we know it. More

Ongoing Outreach and Previous Trips


Havana, Cuba

For 11 days in December, Havana became a flashpoint of Cuban cinephilia. The 33rd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema drew hundreds of thousands of Cubans – some of whom saw three or four films per day and scheduled their vacations to coincide with the event – as well as distinguished Academy members Frank Pierson and Gregory Nava; Nava's producing partner, Barbara Martinez Jitner; and Academy Film Archive preservation officer Josef Lindner. More

East Africa Outreach

We visited two countries in the region, Kenya and Rwanda, though our activities involved interactions with a number of professional and aspiring filmmakers from other countries of the region, including Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. More

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