Internship Grants

Janice Ahn

The Academy’s Educational Grants Committee believes that industry internships are an important gateway for dedicated and talented students who have a drive to realize their dreams. These internships should create pathways for students by providing an educational environment that creates opportunities, provides exposure and encourages mentorship, regardless of the students’ financial means. To this end, the Internship Grants Program provides assistance to qualified but financially challenged students who might not otherwise be able to participate in a motion picture industry internship.

In 2013, the program distributed $175,000 to 22 institutions.

How to Apply

The Academy Education, Film Festival, Internship and Film Scholars programs are currently on hiatus for the upcoming year. For more information, please contact Grants Coordinator Shawn Guthrie at 310.247.3000 ext. 3306

We thank you for your interest and look forward to collaborating again.

For those organizations needing to submit final reports, you can log into your account here

Internships Open Doors for New Talent

Each year, numerous interns receive financial support as part of the Academy’s Internship Grants Program. This year, more than $175,000 was distributed to 22 institutions across the nation. Read more about the interns who have benefited from this program.


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