Educational Grants

Streetlights in class

The Educational Grants Program provides support to institutions and other nonprofit organizations that help aspiring filmmakers gain the skills and knowledge they need to make theatrical motion pictures.

In 2013 the program distributed $325,000 to 27 film-related nonprofit organizations.

How to Apply

The Academy Education, Film Festival, Internship and Film Scholars programs are currently on hiatus for the upcoming year. For more information, please contact Grants Coordinator Shawn Guthrie at 310.247.3000 ext. 3306

We thank you for your interest and look forward to collaborating again.

For those organizations needing to submit final reports, you can log into your account here

Grant Recipients

Outreach to Minorities

Among the organizations receiving money for 2009–2010 are Streetlights and the Institute of American Indian Arts, both of which have benefitted from Academy grants in the past as well, and both of which focus their efforts on improving skills and opportunities for minority populations. More

More Grant Recipients

Since 1968 the program has distributed over 400 grants to a variety of motion picture-related schools, colleges and nonprofit organizations.

See a list of 2013-2014 grant recipients

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