Rule Twenty-Five: Rules for the Special Achievement Award

  1. This award shall be given for an achievement which makes an exceptional contribution to the motion picture for which it was created, but for which there is no annual award category.  Such award shall only be conferred, however, for achievements in productions which also qualify under Rules Two and Three.
  2. Nominations for the Special Achievement Award shall be made at a special meeting of the Board of Governors, and/or upon recommendation of the Animated Feature Film Award Screening Committee (see Rule Seven).
  3. Following completion of the nominations for this award, a secret ballot shall be taken on which the governors vote for the nominee of their preference.  The nominee receiving the highest numerical score shall be considered further in a second secret ballot to determine if this award shall be given.  If the achievement receives a vote of two-thirds of the governors present, the person(s) named as being responsible for the achievement shall receive the Special Achievement Award.
  4. No proxies shall be permitted in balloting for the Special Achievement Award.
  5. Such other rules or modifications as may be necessary for the proper conduct of this award shall be adopted by the Board of Governors.
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