Rule Twenty-One: Special Rules for the Sound Mixing Award

  1. A Reminder List of all eligible motion pictures shall be made available along with a nominations ballot to all members of the Sound Branch, who shall vote in the order of their preference for not more than five pictures.
  2. The five pictures receiving the highest number of votes shall become the nominations for final voting for the Sound Mixing award.
  3. The talents of the rerecording mixer(s) on a panel (not to exceed three) and the production mixer will be judged as contributing equally to a soundtrack achievement.  On an Official Data Record supplied by the Academy, the producer shall designate no more than three eligible co-rerecording mixers who have contributed substantially to the final mix, and no more than one production mixer for Academy Award purposes.
  4. In the event of a credits dispute, the nomination eligibility for the Sound Mixing award shall be determined by the Sound Branch Executive Committee.
  5. Following a review of the Official Data Records, determination of nomination eligibility shall be the responsibility of the Academy.
  6. The Theater Sound Inspection Committee shall inspect and approve the projection sound systems of the Academy’s theaters at least one week prior to the annual screening of nominated achievements.  No changes may be made in the sound systems after final approval by the committee.  Any composite release print that plays on the normal projection sound system of the Academy’s theaters requires no special approval of the committee.  Any production that deviates from the normal sound system, or requires modification of the system, must be approved by a majority of the committee before the final check of the system.  Notification of such deviation or modification requirements must be submitted to the Academy at least three weeks in advance of the inspection and approval of the sound system.
  7. Before screening films nominated for the Sound Mixing award, representatives of the pictures to be shown may run a maximum of 20 contiguous minutes of their pictures to audition themAt the actual screenings, films will be run at the Academy Standard sound level.
  8. Final voting for the Sound Mixing award shall be restricted to active and life Academy members.
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