Rule Four: Submission

  1. "Every award shall be conditioned upon the delivery to the Academy of one print or one copy of every film nominated for final balloting for all Academy Awards.  Such print or copy shall be in a format and of a quality equivalent to the film’s theatrical release; if a film exists in more than one format, then the version deposited shall be the film print.  Such print or copy shall become the property of the Academy, with the proviso, however, that the Academy shall not use such print or copy for commercial gain.  Such print or copy shall be deposited with the Academy and, subject to matters not within its control, shall be screened by the Academy for the membership in advance of distribution of final ballots."  (Academy Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 6.)
  2. "Every award shall be conditioned upon the execution and delivery to the Academy by the recipient thereof of a receipt and agreement reading as follows:


    I hereby acknowledge receipt of Academy Regulations for use of the Academy Award statuette and the phrase "Academy Award(s)" in advertising.  In consideration of the signing of a similar agreement by other Academy Award nominees, I agree to comply with said regulations.  I understand that on (date) I may receive from you a replica of your copyrighted statuette, commonly known as the "Oscar," as an award for (category) – (film title).  I acknowledge that my receipt of said replica does not entitle me to any right whatever in your copyright, trade-mark and service-mark of said statuette and that only the physical replica itself shall belong to me.  In consideration of your delivering said replica to me, I agree to comply with your rules and regulations respecting its use and not to sell or otherwise dispose of it or any other "Oscar" replica I have been awarded or have received, nor permit it or any other "Oscar" replica I have been awarded or have received to be sold or disposed of by operation of law, without first offering to sell it to you for the sum of $1.00.  You shall have thirty days after any such offer is made to you within which to accept it.  This agreement shall be binding not only on me, but also on my heirs, legatees, executors, administrators, estate, successors and assigns.  My legatees and heirs shall have the right to acquire any "Oscar" statuette replica I have received, if it becomes part of my estate, subject to this agreement.

    I agree that if I have heretofore received any Academy trophy I shall be bound by this receipt and agreement with the same force and effect as though I had executed and delivered the same in consideration of receiving such trophy. (Academy Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 7.)


    (Signature of Recipient)

  3. In submitting a film for Academy Awards consideration, the film’s owners are deemed to have conveyed to the Academy the right to choose excerpts from the film at the Academy’s sole discretion,  for incorporation into the Academy Awards telecast for the year in which the film is in competition.  Owners of nominated films are obligated, if requested, to submit to the Academy a high-definition digital videotape of the film in either D-5 or HDCAM format, no later than five days following the nominations announcements.  The Academy will maintain such tapes under tight security and return them immediately following the Awards broadcast.
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