Nominees & Winners for the 62nd Academy Awards

Actor in a Leading Role

Daniel Day Lewis
  • Kenneth Branagh in “Henry V”
  • Tom Cruise in “Born on the Fourth of July”
  • Daniel Day Lewis in “My Left Foot”
  • Morgan Freeman in “Driving Miss Daisy”
  • Robin Williams in “Dead Poets Society”

Actor in a Supporting Role

  • Danny Aiello in “Do the Right Thing”
  • Dan Aykroyd in “Driving Miss Daisy”
  • Marlon Brando in “A Dry White Season”
  • Martin Landau in “Crimes and Misdemeanors”
  • Denzel Washington in “Glory”

Actress in a Leading Role

  • Isabelle Adjani in “Camille Claudel”
  • Pauline Collins in “Shirley Valentine”
  • Jessica Lange in “Music Box”
  • Michelle Pfeiffer in “The Fabulous Baker Boys”
  • Jessica Tandy in “Driving Miss Daisy”

Actress in a Supporting Role

  • Brenda Fricker in “My Left Foot”
  • Anjelica Huston in “Enemies, A Love Story”
  • Lena Olin in “Enemies, A Love Story”
  • Julia Roberts in “Steel Magnolias”
  • Dianne Wiest in “Parenthood”

Art Direction

  • The Abyss” Art Direction: Leslie Dilley; Set Decoration: Anne Kuljian
  • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” Art Direction: Dante Ferretti; Set Decoration: Francesca Lo Schiavo
  • Batman Art Direction: Anton Furst; Set Decoration: Peter Young
  • Driving Miss Daisy” Art Direction: Bruno Rubeo; Set Decoration: Crispian Sallis
  • Glory” Art Direction: Norman Garwood; Set Decoration: Garrett Lewis


  • The Abyss” Mikael Salomon
  • Blaze” Haskell Wexler
  • Born on the Fourth of July” Robert Richardson
  • The Fabulous Baker Boys” Michael Ballhaus
  • Glory Freddie Francis

Costume Design

  • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” Gabriella Pescucci
  • Driving Miss Daisy” Elizabeth McBride
  • Harlem Nights” Joe I. Tompkins
  • Henry V Phyllis Dalton
  • Valmont” Theodor Pistek


  • Born on the Fourth of July Oliver Stone
  • Crimes and Misdemeanors” Woody Allen
  • Dead Poets Society” Peter Weir
  • Henry V” Kenneth Branagh
  • My Left Foot” Jim Sheridan

Documentary (Feature)

Robert Epstein and Bill Couturié
  • Adam Clayton Powell” Richard Killberg and Yvonne Smith, Producers
  • Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt Robert Epstein and Bill Couturié, Producers
  • Crack USA: County under Siege” Vince DiPersio and William Guttentag, Producers
  • For All Mankind” Al Reinert and Betsy Broyles Breier, Producers
  • Super Chief: The Life and Legacy of Earl Warren” Judith Leonard and Bill Jersey, Producers

Documentary (Short Subject)

Charles Guggenheim
  • Fine Food, Fine Pastries, Open 6 to 9” David Petersen, Producer
  • The Johnstown Flood Charles Guggenheim, Producer
  • Yad Vashem: Preserving the Past to Ensure the Future” Ray Errol Fox, Producer

Film Editing

David Brenner and Joe Hutshing
  • The Bear” Noëlle Boisson
  • Born on the Fourth of July David Brenner, Joe Hutshing
  • Driving Miss Daisy” Mark Warner
  • The Fabulous Baker Boys” William Steinkamp
  • Glory” Steven Rosenblum

Foreign Language Film

  • Camille Claudel” France
  • Cinema Paradiso Italy
  • Jesus of Montreal” Canada
  • Waltzing Regitze” Denmark
  • What Happened to Santiago” Puerto Rico


  • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” Maggie Weston, Fabrizio Sforza
  • Dad” Dick Smith, Ken Diaz, Greg Nelson
  • Driving Miss Daisy Manlio Rocchetti, Lynn Barber, Kevin Haney

Music (Original Score)

  • Born on the Fourth of July” John Williams
  • The Fabulous Baker Boys” David Grusin
  • Field of Dreams” James Horner
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” John Williams
  • The Little Mermaid Alan Menken

Music (Original Song)

  • After All” from “Chances Are” Music by Tom Snow; Lyric by Dean Pitchford
  • The Girl Who Used To Be Me” from “Shirley Valentine” Music by Marvin Hamlisch; Lyric by Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman
  • I Love To See You Smile” from “Parenthood” Music and Lyric by Randy Newman
  • Kiss the Girl” from “The Little Mermaid” Music by Alan Menken; Lyric by Howard Ashman
  • Under the Sea from “The Little Mermaid” Music by Alan Menken; Lyric by Howard Ashman

Best Picture

  • Born on the Fourth of July” A. Kitman Ho and Oliver Stone, Producers
  • Dead Poets Society” Steven Haft, Paul Junger Witt and Tony Thomas, Producers
  • Driving Miss Daisy Richard D. Zanuck and Lili Fini Zanuck, Producers
  • Field of Dreams” Lawrence Gordon and Charles Gordon, Producers
  • My Left Foot” Noel Pearson, Producer

Short Film (Animated)

  • Balance Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein
  • The Cow” Alexander Petrov
  • The Hill Farm” Mark Baker

Short Film (Live Action)

  • Amazon Diary” Robert Nixon
  • The Childeater” Jonathan Tammuz
  • Work Experience James Hendrie


  • The Abyss” Don Bassman, Kevin F. Cleary, Richard Overton, Lee Orloff
  • Black Rain” Donald O. Mitchell, Kevin O’Connell, Greg P. Russell, Keith A. Wester
  • Born on the Fourth of July” Michael Minkler, Gregory H. Watkins, Wylie Stateman, Tod A. Maitland
  • Glory Donald O. Mitchell, Gregg C. Rudloff, Elliot Tyson, Russell Williams II
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” Ben Burtt, Gary Summers, Shawn Murphy, Tony Dawe

Sound Effects Editing

Visual Effects

John Bruno, Dennis Muren, Hoyt Yeatman and Dennis Skotak
  • The Abyss John Bruno, Dennis Muren, Hoyt Yeatman, Dennis Skotak
  • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” Richard Conway, Kent Houston
  • Back to the Future Part II” Ken Ralston, Michael Lantieri, John Bell, Steve Gawley

Writing (Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium)

  • Born on the Fourth of July” Oliver Stone, Ron Kovic
  • Driving Miss Daisy Alfred Uhry
  • Enemies, A Love Story” Roger L. Simon, Paul Mazursky
  • Field of Dreams” Phil Alden Robinson
  • My Left Foot” Jim Sheridan, Shane Connaughton

Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen)

  • Crimes and Misdemeanors” Woody Allen
  • Dead Poets Society Tom Schulman
  • Do the Right Thing” Spike Lee
  • sex, lies, and videotape” Steven Soderbergh
  • When Harry Met Sally...” Nora Ephron

  • Star indicates a win.
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