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The 1st Academy Awards (1929) Nominees and Winners

Held in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Thursday, May 16, 1929,
honoring movies released from August 1, 1927 – August 1, 1928.

The 1st Academy Awards held in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

The 1st Academy Awards, held in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.


  • Richard Barthelmess in "The Noose" "The Patent Leather Kid"
  • Emil Jannings in "The Last Command" "The Way of All Flesh"


  • Louise Dresser in "A Ship Comes In"
  • Janet Gaynor in "7th Heaven" "Street Angel" "Sunrise"
  • Gloria Swanson in "Sadie Thompson"

Art Direction

  • Rochus Gliese "Sunrise"
  • William Cameron Menzies "The Dove" "Tempest"
  • Harry Oliver "7th Heaven"


  • George Barnes "The Devil Dancer" "The Magic Flame" "Sadie Thompson"
  • Charles Rosher "Sunrise"
  • Karl Struss "Sunrise"

Directing (Comedy Picture)

  • Lewis Milestone "Two Arabian Knights"
  • Ted Wilde "Speedy"

Directing (Dramatic Picture)

  • Frank Borzage "7th Heaven"
  • Herbert Brenon "Sorrell and Son"
  • King Vidor "The Crowd"

Engineering Effects

  • Ralph Hammeras
  • Roy Pomeroy "Wings"
  • Nugent Slaughter

Outstanding Picture

  • The Caddo Company "The Racket"
  • Fox "7th Heaven"
  • Paramount Famous Lasky "Wings"

Unique and Artistic Picture

  • Fox "Sunrise"
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer "The Crowd"
  • Paramount Famous Lasky "Chang"

Writing (Adaptation)

  • Alfred Cohn "The Jazz Singer"
  • Anthony Coldeway "Glorious Betsy"
  • Benjamin Glazer "7th Heaven"

Writing (Original Story)

  • Lajos Biro "The Last Command"
  • Ben Hecht "Underworld"

Writing (Title Writing)

  • Gerald Duffy "The Private Life of Helen of Troy"
  • Joseph Farnham
  • George Marion, Jr.

  • Star indicates a win.
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