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Douglas Fairbanks explores the life and career of one of Hollywood's original superstars and provides an in-depth analysis on the industry's early beginnings.  Authored by Jeffrey Vance with Tony Maietta, and Robert Cushman as photographic editor, the book examines Fairbanks's art and ventures behind his public persona, showcasing more than 200 photographs, some unseen for more than 75 years.

Co-published with University of California Press, Douglas Fairbanks is a combination of biography, film history and analysis of a pioneer who was critically important to the creation of cinema as the defining art form of the 20th century.

Vance completed much of the extensive research for the book at the Margaret Herrick Library, where the Douglas Fairbanks collection is housed. Donated in 2002 by Vera Fairbanks, widow of Douglas Fairbanks Jr., the collection consists of more than 4,000 photographs, nearly 200 original negatives, and a paper history of the star's life and career. It includes an elaborate memorial album, compiled after Fairbanks's death in 1939, which features letters, telegrams and press clippings from a "who's who" of Hollywood.

About the Author

Jeffrey Vance is a film historian, producer, and lecturer as well as the author of an acclaimed trilogy of books on the great triumvirate of silent-film comedy: Chaplin: Genius of the Cinema, Harold Lloyd: Master Comedian (with Suzanne Lloyd), and Buster Keaton Remembered (with Eleanor Keaton).

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