Members-at-Large Membership Requirements – Production

From Academy Bylaws:

Article III, Section 1.  Membership shall be by invitation of the Board of Governors.  Invitations to active membership shall be limited to those persons employed by motion picture producing companies, or credited with screen achievements, or who have otherwise achieved distinction in their respective fields of endeavor within the industry and who, in the opinion of the Board, are qualified for membership.

To be considered for invitation to Academy membership as a Member-at-Large, an individual must:

(a) have been actively engaged for the past 8 years in the production of theatrical motion pictures in a key creative position for which the Academy has no branch,


(b) have served in one of the following positions for 5 consecutive years:

  • Head of Physical Production
  • Head of Visual Effects Production
  • Head of Post-Production

Companies must be studios or major independents which have averaged 6 pictures produced over the most recent 5 years.

No more than 2 individuals will be accepted in any one category in a given year.

Proposals must be accompanied by a letter from each sponsor which addresses, as specifically as possible, how the candidate meets one of the requirements above.

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