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Get to know the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, an organization composed of over 6,000 of the most talented and accomplished men and women working in movies. While some have recognizable faces, many more are behind the scenes, helping to bring magic to the screen. In addition to using their expertise to select the Oscar nominees and winners each year, Academy members generously share their skills and experiences with the public in a variety of programs and activities organized or supported by the Academy throughout the year.

Meet the Members

Andrew Jimenez

Andrew Jimenez discusses watching movies and voting

Watch video clips of several Academy members, including actor Sidney Poitier, writer-director Cameron Crowe, film editor Lynzee Klingman and animator Andrew Jimenez, as they describe memorable moments in their lives and careers.

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History & Organization

Academy Board Room

It’s best known for the Oscars, but the Academy is busy year-round with a wide array of educational, outreach, preservation and research endeavors.

History of the Academy

Board of Governors

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

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